Speaker Asa Liicence rejected the offer hands and hearts Vysotsky

Диктор Аза Лихитченко отвергла предложение руки и сердца Высоцкого Today would have turned 80 years of Soviet poet, actor and author-executor of the songs of Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky. He died on 25 July 1980. According to one version, he died of a heart attack, on the other – Vysotsky could kill.
Диктор Аза Лихитченко отвергла предложение руки и сердца Высоцкого

The Studio program “Let them talk” friends and colleagues of the poet and the actor spoke about how they remembered Vladimir Vysotsky.

It is often attributed novels with famous women, but officially Vysotsky was married three times. The first wife of Vladimir Semenovich was the actress Izolda Konstantinovna Meshkov. They married in the early 60s, but broke up four years later. Many fans believe Isolde Konstantinovna first love of the poet. However in the program it turned out that Vladimir Semenovich first fell in love and made an offer hands and hearts of a completely different female speaker AZE, Legitcheck. Soviet TV presenter came to the Studio program “Let them talk”. People’s artist told about how I got acquainted with the musician at drama school, she also told why she did not have a relationship with Vysotsky.

“We once went to Stupino, our course there were concerts, – shared memories Aza Vladimirovna. – In Moscow not returned, and spent the night in some schools. We were distributed, I was given a separate room. To me at night knock on the door Volodya and said, “You know, not enough seats, people were divided.” Not refuse the friend in friendship. He went to bed, and I was wrapped in a cloak. He puffed a long time, then said, “Okay! Go to the barn to spend the night! And tomorrow I have all the guys we will announce the bride and groom!”
Диктор Аза Лихитченко отвергла предложение руки и сердца Высоцкого

The presenter noted that it is not perceived strange courtship Vysotsky seriously. According to the speaker, several times he jokingly asked her to marry him, but did not attempt to look normal. “So… I didn’t have an affair with him, was not. A few months later he married iza Meshkova. I was a little hurt,” said Aza Vladimirovna.

Actress Elena Proklova, in turn starred with Vladimir Semenovich. According to her memories, he was amazing. Despite his vivid stage persona, in real life, the actor was very shy. “Is this the man who didn’t get what he wanted. The image of a man number 1, he certainly corresponded to him. But those who knew personally, knew that Vladimir was quite notorious. He was often in love with women who don’t always reciprocate,” – said Proklova.

Диктор Аза Лихитченко отвергла предложение руки и сердца Высоцкого

Then in the Studio of the program came a cousin of the musician Irena Vysotskaya. She told me that she loved the famous brother and retained about him only fond memories. “It was the sea charm, the sea of masculinity. He was so gallant! I wanted him to like me. He had a lovely wife Iza, he was friends with her even after the divorce. He was very lucky and with whom it became to him a real companion. He flew from Paris to Moscow and pulled him from drinking, from binge,” shared Irene.

Диктор Аза Лихитченко отвергла предложение руки и сердца Высоцкого

Second wife of the poet became Lyudmila Abramova. In this Union, the poet had two sons, Arkady and Nikita. Vysotsky lived with his second official wife of five years. He also had a brief affair with the actress of the Taganka theater Tatyana Ivanenko. According to some reports, the actress gave birth to from Vysotsky’s daughter Anastasia. However, the artist himself in his lifetime and was not recognized illegitimate heir.

The last love of poet was already mentioned French Marina Vlady. Today, the star of cinema and theatre almost does not communicate with journalists, the actress is confident that many of the media denigrated the memory of her late husband.

“Vladi played a huge role in the life of Vladimir. She tried to break his addiction to alcohol. She did everything to break him of this passion. Hiding the bottles in their house there was not a drop of alcohol. Once he survived without alcohol for almost six months,” – said a close friend of Vysotsky actress Irina Miroshnichenko.

“He had these issues. We all know about it, we’ve survived and fought. I wrote about it. We fought against it. The audience loved it. Listened to him all houses and throughout the country. Then it was a clandestine glory. He was the best hamlet of the century, it is likely… That even the British said. He is simply genius. It finally all officially accepted as a poet, as a great poet of the 20th century,” admitted she Marina Vlady.
Диктор Аза Лихитченко отвергла предложение руки и сердца Высоцкого

Vladimir Vysotsky was not in the night of 25 July 1980. He died at the age of 43 years. The poet died in the Moscow apartment of congestive heart failure. But the journalist Fedor Razzakov told the guests of the program “Let them talk”, which, in his opinion, a musician could kill the Soviet secret service.

“You have to tell the backstory… it is Known that on the eve of Vysotsky friends and I were in the apartment, they were having fun. From his wild screams of the people who were with him were tired. At some point they tied him up, and carried to the balcony, and remained hanging from the chandelier in the other room. We are not challenged, we simply added. Believe it was a murder by negligence, and intentional. The authorities at that time, Vysotsky was no longer needed, it did a system opposition. He was given to understand that it is good to live. Allowed to marry Marina Vlady, was allowed to travel abroad, moreover, abroad, he acted like he could not act nor a single Soviet people. He violated all the canons of behavior of a Soviet citizen who leaves the country of capitalism. Vysotsky met with dissidents, carousing, shooting in restaurants, and so on. All this was known to the KGB, which it there, and sent,” – said the RA’zac.