Sparrows gave the girl a house in Moscow

Воробьев подарил девушке дом в Москве

Home “the Bachelor,” country differed unprecedented generosity.

In Moscow took place the official presentation and awarding the winners of the first major sports project of Alexey Vorobyov’s “Sport to the people”.

Since the start of this nationwide online sports marathon running Vorobiev not only in Russia but also in CIS countries, after only two months, but the scale of the project is impressive.

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The programs “Sport in the people” already connected thousands of people, but skeptics have seen whether Alex will be giving away to the winners of the promised prizes: millions of rubles, traveling, cars and apartments in Moscow!

The solemn ceremony was held at the specially built for this Boxing ring, where, to the amazement of the doubting and full of the delight of the participants, sparrows has kept all his promises.

The winners of the first shift won the Mercedes Benz cars, trips to Miami, and the main prize of the first shift project – apartments in Moscow! His owner was Anna Korableva, who came to the event with two adorable kids.

Selected according to the rules popular vote winner until the last could not believe his luck and thanked Alexis and her husband, who wasn’t laughing like the others over her workouts and diet, but from the first minute supported throughout.

Alex too had something to say audience. The actor admitted that he felt immense pride for the winners, who have made a huge step forward.

“They learned to conquer himself, and therefore will be able to beat anyone! I for example made sure that human capabilities are endless, the main thing – faith in yourself and a reliable team that will always support. I since the childhood went in for sports, and he really taught me a lot. First of all, that, no matter how the game went until the final whistle sounded in your power to get it changed if you don’t give up no matter what.

Therefore, the mission of the project “Sport in the people” – the revival of the mass culture of sports in the country, promotion of healthy lifestyle, nutrition, attracting an increasing number of people nationwide in the community healthy, and therefore happy people,” said Alex.

Happy owners of prizes and gift certificates thanked the creators of the project and were off and dancing on the concert of Alexey Vorobyov and his production group project “Friends” which became the final chord of the evening.

The second change project starts November 25! So many still have a chance to get away from Alexei Vorobyov gifts.