SOS: искусственный загар опасен для здоровья

Cosmetologists believe that all sorts of creams and sprays that make us “chocolate”, lead to wrinkles.

Who among us hasn’t poured yourself a tube of cream to become a little Zagoreloe? It seems there are none! And all sorts of spray tanning is not just sprayed.

And all because he always believed that the tube of cream is certainly safer than direct sunlight. Them that we have long been taught to be afraid of scaring the most terrible diseases…

But here scientists have discovered a new truth of life. It turned out, the creams-tanning provoke nothing like wrinkles.

But the thing is that fake tan reacts with the outer layer of skin, composed primarily of dead cells. Then there is some reaction that causes our skin to cast a bronze luxurious.

The active ingredient in this reaction is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is extracted from sugar cane. And it is not always useful.

Well, the pace seems to be another year-another – and replaced by a fashionable bronze shade will come aristocratic pallor. And, just like old times, going from the sun under hats with veils to hide.

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