Sorry, kids! Unfulfilled dreams of those killed in Kemerovo

Простите, дети! Несбывшиеся мечты погибших в Кемерове Nine days after the tragedy. Thousands of white balloons released into the sky across Russia last week, saying goodbye to lost in a terrible fire in Kemerovo. They will remain in our memory – in the material “StarHit”.
Простите, дети! Несбывшиеся мечты погибших в Кемерове

“We are burning. I love you. All. Perhaps good – bye,” that was the last message in social networks that left a 13-year-old Mary frost. On that fateful day, March 25, the girl along with her mother came to SEC “cherry” to see a movie. When the fire broke out, both were locked in the theater along with dozens of other children and adults. Firefighters were able to penetrate all the premises only after 12 hours after the start of ignition. The flames claimed the lives of 64 people, including 41 children. Some still can’t identify. The children who lost moms and dads, parents lost sons and daughters…

11-year-old Sergei Moskalenko was left without a father, mother and sister, Igor Vostrikov – without his wife and three children. A man with a fixed gaze, in whose eyes left tears, admits that life is over. The people are to a tragedy place flowers and toys, candles… and don’t believe in what happened. Relatives and friends of the victims told the “StarHit” about the unfulfilled dreams of those who couldn’t get out of the fire.


Простите, дети! Несбывшиеся мечты погибших в Кемерове

Brother and sister, 8-year-old Peter and 10-year-old Masha Agarkova, were inseparable – together went to school, sports… Children were killed grandma – 57-year-old Nadezhda Vasilievna, being locked in the cinema.

“There are wards, which are quickly forgotten, and come across these rays of light – says the “StarHit” their coach karate Rustam Ksenofontov. – They charged the happiness of all. Mary was industrious, and Kostya – shkodnik, a little clumsy, but was able to laugh at yourself. The guys made a lot of progress, participated in competitions, Masha was a blue belt, Kostya by a bit less orange. They were the meaning of life parents – the whole world in the family revolved around the children.”

Простите, дети! Несбывшиеся мечты погибших в Кемерове“Recently, gave them to the pool and took karate, did not want to, Masha and Kostya was tired and dissipated. They many times you begged your mother to send them to summer camp outside the city. And so the parents began thus to prepare for the trip first taught to stand up for themselves, and now swim. Mom was worried, afraid to let go. Aunt Nastya, I was able to get through, did not believe that the nephews in the list of the dead… I was afraid to look. Weeping”.


The teacher Tatyana Darsalia died bravely saving from the fire of other people’s children. Moving from fire 14-year-old daughter Eleanor, the woman returned to the movie theaters, the Mall, helping children… But to get out itself could not: rescue workers found her on the second floor of the building after many hours.

Простите, дети! Несбывшиеся мечты погибших в Кемерове“Tanya was always very receptive to other people’s troubles, responsive, says “StarHit” her colleague Marina. – From his native town of Topki, the family moved a few years ago. In a new place, in the gymnasium № 17, took it well: she has combined the post of English language teacher and Deputy Director on educational work. At last she complained saying that this case absolutely does not leave her time for loved ones, friends. Wanted to give it up to become a teacher and more a free man. Especially the daughter of Eli puberty, and Tanya and they were like girlfriends”.
Простите, дети! Несбывшиеся мечты погибших в Кемерове

The daughter of Darsalia literally gave his life, published a touching farewell post: “I still can’t believe it happened to her, but I am proud that this is my mother. She died as a hero, behind the children, simply could not do otherwise. And will forever remain in our hearts.”


To the Mall a 30-year-old Naomi Klein came along with the daughter of a friend – a 12-year-old Dasha, both died, unable to get out of the theater.

“Anfisa adored children – says “StarHit” best friend Klein Catherine Khusnutdinova. – Tried to play with them most of the time – nursed kids family, worked in the kindergarten. My kids have grown. A year and a half ago got married, with the spouse taking care of child. But not everyone…”

Last summer, the girl lost her mother, her family, nobody left. Friends helped to cope with the distress, supported.

“Two days before the tragedy, sat with her in a cafe, spoke about the parents, – says the “StarHit” Tatyana Ivanova. It is good that we managed to meet!”

Klein was an exemplary friend, and even solo entertainer – he sang and danced in the rural DK. “Loved her like a sister, continues Khusnutdinova. – A year ago I went to live in another city, was seen rarely. But every day had a call to discuss what to wear to work, what hairstyle to do… Could spend hours talking on video. We passed a lot – UPS and downs, grief and joy, and never once this man is not betrayed and did not disappoint. Most recently, she scored me and said, “missed you So much, now just lay down beside you and watched some TV. At 16:10 on that fateful day, Naomi was able to call our friend from MOE, shouted: “We choke, don’t know what to do… All end”.