«Болит все — от пяток до макушки»: у Анастасии Стоцкой проблемы с похудением
The singer complained that she was difficult given the return to previous form.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

Anastasia Stotskaya almost a year fighting with excess weight, which is gained during the second pregnancy. The singer wants to lose at least 10 pounds, but recently she started having problems with losing weight. Weight, as they say, “stood up” and, despite proper diet and exercise, does not change.

“Honestly, I’m sooo difficult to regain slenderness after the second birth. Sore from head to toe… aside from proper diet, doing sports. Physical activity is necessary if you want to lose weight expel toxins, giving the skin tone, the muscles, and give cheerfulness for the whole day. Alternate: twice ballet twice fitness (crunches, thigh, arm),” said Stotsky.

In addition, Anastasia goes to Spa treatments for weight loss: manual and hardware massage, laser lipolysis, body wraps…. The singer makes use of the full Arsenal in the fight against “stuck” weight. The comment one of the fans that, say, Anastasia’s framing itself, and the photo looks great, Stotsky admitted. “Ahead minus 10 kg. It’s all right angles…” — commented on the weight loss Anastasia. And also added that advises women “not to dismiss” to be in the same situation as her.

Recall that in may last year, Anastasia gave birth to a second child. She had a daughter Faith. And in the summer of 2011 she first became a mother, giving birth to son Alexander. By a curious coincidence, both children are remarkably similar to Philip Kirkorov, but their father is the husband Stotsky — the businessman Sergei.