«SOPRANO Турецкого»: «У нас даже нормальной личной жизни нет» They sing like angels. So talking about the female part of the team Mikhail Turkish. Eight unique voices, different characters and just beautiful girls. Eight snow maidens will perform on the stage of the Kremlin on 29 December and will present the program “carnival night” by SOPRANO.
«SOPRANO Турецкого»: «У нас даже нормальной личной жизни нет»

Before the new year holidays singer along with Director Mikhail Turkish gave an interview with “StarHit”, in which he shared why their team is no place for intrigues, when they have time to bear children and who resolves conflicts within the group.

Girls, tell us how you have a friendly atmosphere in the group? And then the women’s team is often compared to a snake…

Iveta Horny: – I can’t say that the women’s team – a lot of snakes. In our case, definitely not, because we are not to envy and intrigue. We even personal life is not normal, we all work. And, like real men, forget about everything else. We can’t hide behind the soundtrack, how many of our artists, because they always sing live. We have such a ploughing – “teeth” work.

Eugene fanfare: – We got used to each other over the years – after all, “SOPRANO Turkish” has been around for eight years. Despite the fact that everything here is a creative and emotional, gradually, you understand when the person is better not to touch, and when he should maintain or, conversely, to criticize, to not rest on their laurels and continued to develop.

– Why do conflicts arise? Who in the team is the most emotional? And who, on the contrary, it smooths sharp corners?

Iveta Rogova: – When Michael Turetsky held a casting, as it so happened that the girls are going with a very masculine character. We really are all quite sharp, with a tough position and own opinion. We immediately reveal misunderstandings, conflicts fairly sharp turn, but quickly just work out a conversation in the forehead. For example, we have girls in parallel, work, and learn – who in “gnesinka”, who receives the second highest. So happen late. And then someone says, “go ahead, I won’t come in time? And anyway, let’s all show up three hours later. In short, or we all care about each other, or we now come to the General denominator”.

Eugene fanfare: I have a temper. And I know that even if you do something uttered, it’s never too late to apologize. Otherwise, then you go eat.

– Michael Turetsky – the strict teacher?

Tamara Modebadze: – It is quite strict in work, but not a tyrant. He always has his opinion and position. But we sometimes use her charms, and he is like a man amenable, softened, looking at us. Although it has a caveat. He works from morning till night and likes to rest followed his example. So if he came to us at a rehearsal, had one not let go.

– Michael, what can you criticize girls? Do you have rules that nobody can break?

Michael Turetsky: – As in a big family, we have a holding there is an unwritten but strict rules: do not be late, not to drink alcohol, be in good physical shape. In short, don’t waste yourself and your time for nothing. This is not only me as the leader, but each of the actors to be successful for many years.

– With whom you find it easier to work with a male “Chorus Turkish” or a female SOPRANO?

Michael Turetsky: – Difficult to compare. It seems to me that if you have logic relationships with the outside world, and she’s right, you all easy. Objectively I can’t answer because “Turetsky Choir” – this is my baby, I’ll – “Turetsky Choir”. I am the leader, the showman himself sing and take part in the show. And in the “SOPRANO” I am the producer, the Creator of this group.

«SOPRANO Турецкого»: «У нас даже нормальной личной жизни нет»

Girls, tell us about your rider. Do you have any special requirements?

Olga Brovkina: – To Ryder every actor is perfect in their own way. For us the main thing − the desire to hold a concert at the highest professional level, and all should contribute to this. We work live, respectively, have high technical requirements for the concert venue. As for the common rider, it’s that simple. The hotel we prefer to live alone, to be able to fully relax before the concert. If you move the bus, then a necessary condition for the absence of music in transport. We also have this unspoken rule on the road – “hours of silence”. This is the time when we don’t talk to each other, cherish the voice, to the evening to be in the best shape. We are convinced that the woman and the artist must be beautiful, slim and healthy. In our dressing room you never see sausages, fizzy drinks, biscuits and, of course, alcohol. Only fruit in abundance, drinking water, cheese and fish. In the end, the most important thing – happy eyes of our fans, a sense of joy and satisfaction from creativity.

– The female body, maybe hardy, but still weaker than men… How you recover after the tour?

Olga Brovkina: – Mikhail Turetsky always said that the way an artist must learn to meditate. I learned this method, and travel is no longer tiring. In the tour we try to sleep, to rest, to accumulate energy for performances, also take a face mask help to relax and nourish the skin. As for voice, it should probably not be protected, and coaching. For many years we have learned to listen to myself, to “negotiate” with your own body and prevent serious flu. Therefore, to the stage where it is impossible to sing, bring.

Tamara Modebadze: – as for the voices, each lack of sleep affects him instantly. Flight, change the time zone, the humidity, sharp change of heat and cold – all affect the condition and voice. Moving prefer the night, so as not to shake the bus before the concert. If really bad, then treat the voices with medication, inhalations, is caused to the site of the phoniatrist. But the best way to give voice to rest and recover – to be silent.

«SOPRANO Турецкого»: «У нас даже нормальной личной жизни нет»

– What about you personal life? Under the contract it is not prohibited?

Iveta Rogova: – In our contract there is no restrictions on marriage and birth of children, moreover, Mikhail Borisovich always tells us what a real woman should be held first as mother, then as a wife and later as a professional. Then she will be completely happy, self-sufficient and will be able to give sincere positive emotions to the public. We have no such problem, because we are many and we can negotiate with each other to take a maternity leave at a time. Can his experience tell. I’m growing a wonderful daughter Edita. SOPRANO has long been not just a team, this is my second family where everyone supports each other. Everyone was happy for me. And now we have one of the singers in the decree – Valeria Devyatova – a month ago gave birth to a second boy. We all shared!

And age you just about all the same? Or have “senior” in the group?

Anna Korolik: We all came into the team almost immediately after institutions, and therefore the same age. And on account of the “older”… is This a trick question? On stage we’re a team. As for the daily creative and organizational Affairs, then each has its own area of responsibility: someone who oversees the rehearsal process, someone style who-ensures that all the creative tasks were planned and implemented in time. For each there is a case in which he is “big”, and it was good.

«SOPRANO Турецкого»: «У нас даже нормальной личной жизни нет»

– How many times a year do you ever vacation and how many days?

Daria Lvova: – we Have a very busy tour schedule, the output drops very little. Usually on vacation we have two weeks a year, but not always, so we try to combine business with pleasure. Sometimes, when there is free time during the tour, are going to go walk around the city where you are trying to see all the monuments and sights, but if more and to the exhibition will be able to go – it’s luck.

– You beauty! Share your beauty secrets!

Iveta Rogova: – the Best way to youth and beauty – sleep. But I as a young mother is not threatened even after the tour. Is a Ruse. Little life hack: to refresh the view after a sleepless night on the road, you need to paint the inner corner of the eyes with bright shadows of herself. I also like to do SPA-pedicure. Feet after shoes heels need a good rest and care.

Eugene fanfare: – And I like the most when doing hair. After a stormy concert activity recovery of hair is a must. I often get compliments from people on the subject of beautiful, light and voluminous curls. I will share with you a secret. In order that the curls were like Hollywood stars, they need after Curling properly decomposed and after pulling one hand the core of the curl down and the other upward.

«SOPRANO Турецкого»: «У нас даже нормальной личной жизни нет»

– Michael, why someone of the girls could leave the group, to break the contract?

Michael Turetsky: – Such situations have not been, simply because there are no contracts. I’m probably the only producer in the world, which does not enter into contracts with their artists. Colleagues and friends say it is too romantic position, but the fact remains: we have no routine, for many years artists “Turetsky Choir” and SOPRANO work successfully together. Most of the singers in the choir with me for more than 20 years, these people are real fans of the business! Girls SOPRANO I were selected during the year, attended by over three hundred singers from across the country, selected the best of the best. I was originally looking for the real hostages of the profession, those who live each intervention on the aortic rupture. In addition, an important selection criterion was purely men qualities: character, commitment, ability to work in a team. If a person wants to do with you, then you need to let him go. So all will be better. And it’s not in contact.

– You have a home women’s Kingdom and work the same. How are you doing?

Michael Turetsky: I have one useful quality that I began to develop. It’s called “lady psychologist”. I am a father of a large number of daughters anything about women, it appears, did not know until I began working with the SOPRANO project. Then I realized that it is necessary to understand what a woman goes through life like looks to the future, what her goals in life. She wants to be ambitious and to build something or just want a good time. Woman is a delicate matter, which much is based on emotion. She needs a leader, a steady hand and shoulder. Even if you are in doubt, they can’t show. Girls feel confidence in the future, when they are next to a strong man. I was able to build a model of the art group in which there is no conflict of interests. To maintain a healthy working environment, the artist needs to properly motivate, to interest, try to anticipate possible disputes and to prevent them. It seems to me that if you have logic relationships with the outside world, and she’s right, you all easy.

– Your daughter, Emmanuel started singing. In the future I plan to be engaged in its production? You wish she was a solo singer or singing group?

Michael Turetsky: – I think Emmanuel is an incredibly charismatic and talented child, so produce certainly will. I think it has a chance to be realized in both ways – solo and in a group. Emma will take part in large musical projects with an audience of millions. She clearly has a predisposition to be a solo star. The way of all my daughters, Emma is the music. All my girls are creative, but it stands out. Now growing up younger, equally talented Beata, which makes the first successful steps in the music world. Maybe girls will want to create a group and call it, say, “Turkish Sisters”.

– And now a question for the girls. I can say that each of you – for all and all for one?

Tamara Modebadze: Definitely Yes. Of course, we can argue among ourselves, to seek the truth, but it’s normal, natural, like family. In the end, all realize that success for one is success of the whole team.