“SOPRANO Turetsky” helped the girl to fulfill the dream

«SOPRANO Турецкого» помогли девушке осуществить мечту Singer became the face of the collection Nastya bilkivs’ka. The music team took part in a photo shoot of a young designer. At fashion Week in Berlin, the designer will present a concise outfits with a variety of print.

      «SOPRANO Турецкого» помогли девушке осуществить мечту

      At fashion Week in Berlin young designer Nastya Belkovskaya will present the new collection “Vernissage. The revival”. Seven years ago she had been in a terrible accident in which she lost both legs. After recovering from severe injuries the girl realizes his childhood dream — when she was 11, she became the winner of the competition of young fashion designers under the patronage of “Burda fashionable” and since then sought to conquer the world’s catwalks.

      Models to show the collection became the soloist “SOPRANO Turetsky”. Familiarity with the young designer of the girls happened quite by accident – after performances at the fashion show Valentin Yudashkin eighth of March this year. The girl said that he had been invited as a young designer to participate in fashion show at the fashion Week in Berlin. Nastya really wanted to be the singer of the SOPRANO became the face for the catalogue of her collection of concise white dresses, which show pictures. The actress could not refuse the talented designer and has agreed to participate in the survey.

      «SOPRANO Турецкого» помогли девушке осуществить мечту“We came to help Nastya bilkivs’ka in the implementation of her dreams. She conquered our hearts! – share their emotions the members of the band. – This girl is not just a talented designer. In the new life after the tragedy she has achieved great success. Nastya was the only world champion parafines, the champion of Moscow on powerlifting, engaged in horseback riding, swimming, circus – live creativity! Her enthusiasm and ability to dream amazing”.

      Also singers from “SOPRANO Turetsky”, udivilo that Nastia has a great desire, and most importantly, the potential for the realization of all its goals.

      “We the girl managed to tell, for example, that is looking for craftsmen who will be able to create a long mermaid tail costume, dance staging on the surface of the water, dreams of flying in zero gravity parabola Kepler’s… We really hope that Nastya will find in life and more friends – caring people who will help her realize these and other dreams and make her life happier” – said the soloist of SOPRANO Olga Brovkina.

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