Софи Тернер рассказала жениху концовку Игры Престолов

The hype around the final season of Game of Thrones continues: the actors give candid interviews and try not to talk about the ending, and Sophie Turner, who played Sansa stark, already leaked to a couple people! How does the network and meets an actress?

Софи Тернер рассказала жениху концовку Игры Престолов

“I’m so bad at keeping secrets! I think people don’t tell me anything because they know I’ll blab. I’ve even told some people than “Game of thrones” will end”, — said the actress ahead of the release of the final season.

For the words to respond! In the network against the actress turned a lot of people who became very sorry for those two who found out about the ending. Sophie saw the headlines on Twitter and could not be explained. “The truth is that I told a few people. It’s not much. Honestly, I don’t so often read tweets in which I mention, because they have a lot of Haight. Everything I say always causes a negative reaction, so I’m not surprised,” says Sophie in an interview for Entertainment Weekly.

But kit Harington also told his lover rose Leslie ending, but his act did not cause such negativity. “People like Keith Harrington, he can’t be wrong. He’s a Prince!” added Sophie.

By the way, as the beloved actor, who played Jon snow, the bridegroom Turner — Joe Jonas — got very angry when she blabbed to him about the ending. “I only told Joe and now he is super mad at me! He loves the show. I had to tell someone or explode!”

We will remind, in April in the air you can see the final season of Game of Thrones, which are millions. Kit Harington not spoilered loyal fans of the story, but their feelings about the end of a great period in my life with pleasure tells.

The end of the season — a Grand event, because the shooting began already in 2010! 9 years Keith has held in a huge family, traveled the world together with colleagues and lived a difficult life of his hero. How the actor will watch the final series he hasn’t decided, but the idea of a theme party in honor of the end he really likes. “I’m looking forward to celebrating the end of the series, because I really want to see their colleagues. Not often we all gather all in one place.”

Says Keith, he’s surprisingly very calm against the end of the series. Equals the end of the funeral. “When something ends, there is an emotional “shift”, but in reality you just want to be around people with whom I worked all this time. This is what we will do to celebrate”.

Keith admits that Game of Thrones became part of his life. More of these Thrones he will not find. Now the actor is a film in which he voiced the dragon “How to train your dragon: the hidden world”. During voice kit has received some kind of freedom. Voice of a character significantly different from the games in the series. The Harrington liked the fact that he is on the screen and only his voice.

“I work with dragons of different types, sizes and shapes,” says the actor. “What’s beautiful…but weird. Don’t know how it happened.” “I hope it’s not the end of my work with dragons”.

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