Софи Тернер возвращается к сериалам

Young popular actress Sophie Turner after the release of the final episode of the series “Game of thrones” has finally officially married. The girl was ready to take this step earlier, but shooting in the cult series took all her time.

Софи Тернер возвращается к сериалам

Now, when shooting in “Game of thrones” completed the wedding ceremony with Joe Jonas was held, the actress is thinking about new projects. That is why, Sophie begins work on the television series “Survive”, which will be based on the novel by Alex Morel. For several years Sophie played the character Sansa stark’s role in the new series will be her first since the acclaimed “thrones”.

In the series “Survive” in the center of the action will be two characters: Jane (Sophie Turner) and Paul (Corey Hawkins). They will be forced to fight for his life after a plane crash, and start your hard way with snow-capped mountains. To get to the civilization will not be easy, because there are severe weather conditions, and the characters themselves got a lot of injuries at the time of the crash.

“She is a complex character, struggling with difficulties, not only to save his life, but also to find their own source of strength and courage. I just hope it can affect those who struggle with their self esteem so they understand that they are braver than you think, and searched the support you need” — says Turner about his new character.

The Director of the series will be mark a, and the writer – Richard Ebeyt. At the moment the project is only in development. The premiere of the first of the series “Survive” is scheduled for April 2020, the broadcast show will take place at the service Quibi.

Young American actor, who will be a partner for Sophie, have already proved themselves, he has starred in such films: the Walking dead, the Voice of the streets, all kinds of things over Black.

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