Sophie Turner is struggling with depression

Софи Тернер борется с депрессией

The star of “Game of Thrones” and the bride Joe Jonas Sophie Turner gave a Frank interview to the psychologist and the host of the television program “Dr. Phil” — Phil McGraw, in which he spoke about depression and thoughts of suicide.

Софи Тернер борется с депрессией

Fame is a side effect. And Sophie Turner ran into him after the release of the TV series Game of Thrones. Since 17 years the actress is experiencing a severe form of depression, which was due to the sudden popularity and negative comments that are not afraid to leave in social networks. At the moment Sophie is trying to balance the mental state with the help of therapy and antidepressants. “I have been struggling with depression for 5 or 6 years. For me now a real challenge to get out of bed, get out of the house. Anyway I’m trying to learn to love myself. It’s weird. Can’t say that I was in a terrible depression when I was younger, but I constantly thought about suicide. Don’t even know why. Perhaps I saw it as a kind of charm, but, yeah, I thought about it often. Even could not imagine that I would be using it.”

The network discussed everything: the weight, the skin and acting skills. But to the young mind then was very difficult to cope with the onslaught. “People often wrote in the comments “Damn, Sansa (Sophie character in the series — approx. ed.), got fat,” or “the Sens need to lose weight!”, or “sans — fat”. It was hard for me to read such statements. Plus I have had problem skin — I was a teenager, and that’s fine, but I received a lot of comments on this topic. All discussed my skin, my weight and how I’m a good actress. And I just believe in this. I agreed and said, “Yes, I am pimply. I’m fat. I’m incompetent”. I asked the costumers to tighten the corset for me. I started embarrassed.”

It got to the point that the star just couldn’t go out and even neglected socializing with friends. “I have lost motivation to do anything or go anywhere. Even in relation to my friends: I didn’t want to see them, walk with them and eat with them. I just cried and cried and cried. I tried to get together to somewhere to go, but I again started to beat thinking, “I can’t do that. I can’t go anywhere. There is nothing that I would like to do.”

Turner did not tell parents until they noticed the drugs. “I couldn’t tell my parents anything until then, until last year, they didn’t see the pills I was prescribed by a doctor, and then had to confess. Now I feel much better. I get treatment Centers in CAST. Now I take my meds, and I can say that now I love myself.”

But the best medicine for the actress was the love of her boyfriend Joe Jonas. He helped Sophie to love myself. “At times it seemed to me that I do not love myself. But now I’m with someone who helps me to realize how much good there is in me. When there are people who every day tells you about his love, you begin to love yourself more.”

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