Sophie Turner doesn’t know when it will end “Game of thrones”

Софи Тернер не знает, когда для неё закончится «Игра престолов»

The star of the popular HBO series “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner told GQ that for her every day on the set of the TV show may be the last.

According to the actress, each of the actors is going through daily, but for him, this last day of shooting. Sophie admitted that the level of anxiety on the set is higher than the experience fans of the series.
“This is crazy. Almost every day we were on the set wondering who of us will be next. Feel like starring in “the Blair Witch”” said Turner.
Adding fuel to the fire and the author of the book, which was filming previous seasons of the series George Martin that the plot of the series goes to “free floating”. In other words, the book and the series will be different story, sometimes very much so, and it means that the writers can’t spare any of the characters.
“In the bar of the pavilion is always a lot of alcoholic beverages. Previously, we did not use them, only in the case when saying goodbye to someone from colleagues whose characters died in the series. But now so many of “our” dies, we can just sleep” said Turner.

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