Sophie Lloyd reacts to Coulson Baker dating rumors The network suspects that the guitarist caused the breakup celebrities.

Sophie Lloyd responds to Coulson Baker dating rumors This week, the network is actively discussing the news about the breakup of Megan Fox and Coulson Baker. The actress removed photos from her profile with her lover and took off her engagement ring. Soon there were rumors that the rapper cheated on his beloved with a guitarist from his group. Megan even reacted to them, joking that she was having an affair with Sophie Lloyd. The girl joined the Machine Gun Kelly group about a year ago. She was present with Coulson at the Super Bowl event, but for the first time Megan did not come to support the groom. The guitarist did not like that she was considered a homeowner, and she considered it necessary to clarify the situation. Truth did this not personally, but through her representatives.

Sophie Lloyd reacted to the rumors on her affair with Colson Baker

“Sophie Lloyd is a professional, accomplished musician who was needlessly dragged into the media based on baseless allegations made on social media. Any suggestion that she has ever acted unprofessional or out of the scope of a working relationship is not true. It is disrespectful to her as a female artist,” Sophie's manager said.

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