Sophia Vergara outraged by the lies of the yellow press

Софию Вергару возмутила ложь жёлтой прессы

A new edition of the Star was outraged by the TV star Sofia Vergara and her husband Joe Manganiello. Usually the actress has not commented on that publishes the tabloids, but this time her anger knew no bounds: in the article it was about what she, Sofia, allegedly cheating on her husband.

The newspaper published an edited photo of star of TV series “American family” (“Modern Family”) with events in Rome, for which Sophia would have been no wedding rings. In lovers Bergara was credited producer of “Bent”.
On his page on Instagram, Sofia has published a post full of anger, in which he spoke about the meanness of the publication.
“The editor of this zhurnalishki is an idiot. He took my engagement ring to make a splash. He would have to make sure that it is not and other photos from the event in Rome, for example, on my page in the social network, and there my ring on me! And I sealed my old friend and producer of the film “Bent”, who was visiting Joe at Easter,” wrote Sofia.
Manganiello, also did not remain silent, has published a refutation of “sensation” on his page in the social network.
“That’s a surprise! Edition Star made up a story and published a fake picture of my wife without a ring. They are willing to do anything to sell a magazine. This is just nasty stuff! Please, do not buy this garbage!” — made the anti-advertising edition Joe.
Recall that the couple got married in 2015 after six years of relationship.