Sophia Vergara get forced to become a mother of twins

Софию Вергару заставляют принудительно стать мамой близняшек

Star of the TV series “American family” Sofia Vergara for a year happily married to Joe Manganiello.

The couple is not hiding their feelings towards each other and it seems that in each other they found the half that I was looking for all the years of his life.

At the moment Joe and Sofia are enjoying each other, but the possibility of the birth of a child, they do not exclude. For Vergara is a sore subject. The actress has a grown son, whom she adores, and Sofia could become a mother to twin girls, conceived in the Union with a former lover. Sounds more than enough, agree! Now we will tell you about everything easier.

To Manganiello, Sofia has been in love with businessman nick Loeb. The actress thought that the man her only because she wanted to have a baby with him. But do it in a natural way, the couple did not work. It was then decided to try artificial insemination, which was frozen two embryos.

But the couple broke up in 2014 (just after meeting Sofia and Joe). Since then, Nick desperately struggles that they have with Sofia children were born – just need to fertilize these embryos in a surrogate mother.

Vergara to take such a step cannot and refuses forced to become a mother. Loeb also firm in his decision to have children with Sofia and now is suing her on behalf of those embryos.

By the way, Paul is known – this girls dad was already named Emma and Isabella.

The petition States that embryos have every right to be born and become full because they have already got a trust Fund: money for treatment, education and other needs.

Nick says that from Vergari he does not need anything except permission, after the girls were born. he will get over them sole custody.

I wonder what the decision of the actress?