Скоро 40: злой рок, несчастья и другие страхи звезд перед «опасным» юбилеем Ekaterina Guseva will celebrate the fortieth anniversary abroad, and Pavel Derevyanko will save on occasion. The actor doesn’t want to tempt fate and the wrath of God. Alexander Oleshko and will do a work in your day of birth, and family Zapashny for many years a special relationship to the signs.

      Скоро 40: злой рок, несчастья и другие страхи звезд перед «опасным» юбилеем

      There is a superstition that to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the impossible. Supposedly the one who decide to do so, will be pursued by misfortune. It is reasonable to explain why this might happen, no one. But many just ignore the anniversary. In July of this year, 40 years will be several celebrities: actress Ekaterina Guseva, the trainer Edgar Zapadnomu, actors Pavel Derevyanko and Alexander Oleshko. “StarHit” asked star birthdays, whether they believe in omens.


      In school the day of the birth of Ekaterina Guseva, 9 July coincided with the summer holiday. Katya could not even treat my classmates with candy, because the guys went home for the pioneer camps and cottages. Holiday the aspiring actress celebrated with family.

      “So many years I was the main gift – knitted socks from grandma Lida, − says the actress. − Over the years, little has changed. In drama school it was vacation. And later birthday often coincided with filming. However, a couple colleagues organized for me an unforgettable holiday directly on the site. One day we were filming in a village near Minsk. Was on night shift. The producers and actor Sasha Dyachenko arranged a surprise fireworks in my honor. The number of bursts equal to the number of years. I was then just over thirty. The sight was exciting. The village flinched, but none of the locals complained. Once celebrated with Dima Duuuum – we share the same birthday, only he’s two years younger. On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary I had my doubts, but her husband Vladimir reassured, saying that it is a purely masculine sign. I decided to believe him: celebrate with spouse and children at sea abroad. July 3, will play in the last performance of the musical “Graf Orlov” and the next day planned to fly.”

      The signs of the actress is skeptical. But there is one that she still believes.

      “In the theater believe that a drop is printed, the script is not good, you may lose the role. To avoid this, you need to sit on the fallen page. This sign believed Faina Ranevskaya. We have to wait until now to tell the story of how she dropped the leaves with the script, which fell between the chairs in the hall, and forced to take a number to sit on the text.


      Скоро 40: злой рок, несчастья и другие страхи звезд перед «опасным» юбилеем

      After hearing stories from friends, Pavel Derevyanko decided to postpone the celebration of the anniversary in the fall.

      Pavel Derevyanko has a crush on a girl with a criminal past

      “I can’t call myself superstitious,” says the actor. For example, never spit over your shoulder if a black cat runs across the road. Of course, I heard different stories about forty years, not to celebrate. And to be honest, until recently I was sure that all this is heresy, until one friend told me his story. He never paid attention to omens, and had celebrated forty-year anniversary in a big way – in the restaurant, a large group of friends. And the very next day after the holiday on it fell all sorts of trouble: wrecked my car, broke up with a woman who lost the wallet. Events occurred one after another, it forced the man to still believe in superstitions”.

      “Personally, I don’t want to tempt fate and the wrath of God. Well, that July 2, the birthday of the frame. So mark will not work. Who wants to – call, congratulations. But in September, when there will be time, something can be arranged”.


      Скоро 40: злой рок, несчастья и другие страхи звезд перед «опасным» юбилеем

      Alexander Oleshko will have to celebrate the anniversary away from loved ones.

      “Unfortunately, 23 Jul fail to gather with family and celebrate as we would like. Going to work, so the celebration is postponed to autumn, when the start of the theater season. I was taught that an actor needs to celebrate birthdays on stage. Will do so”.

      “My family are all believers. We go to Church, attend service. And to yield to superstition is a sin, ” says the actor. − I believe that dreams should come true. And when it happens, it is a miracle.”


      In the family Zapashny a special relationship to the signs and signs.

      Edgard Zapashny three years hides the bride

      “It all started in 1961, then to our father Walter Zapashnogo was 33,” says the trainer. − Directly during his speech, he was attacked by a tiger. She left his body about a hundred lacerations, dad long to recover. But in 1986, when my mother was 33 years old, history repeated itself with her. During transport, the movers did not keep one of the cages with the animals – it fell and pinned his mother to the next. The tigers tried to pull her to him, waving paws, was badly torn leg. We saw this as more than just a coincidence. His 33th anniversary I waited with caution. Thought maybe it was a rock? But nothing happened. Then the entire year worried about Askold – he is younger than me. And all too well. I exhaled and spit on all these superstitions and coincidences. However, my brother and mom still believe. Forty years I’ll be July 11. Likely to fly away at sea, there is noting”.

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