Sony берется за сиквел «Охотников за приведениями»

Despite the fact that the new hire “Ghost Hunters” show high scores, the bosses of Sony is not stopping, and they still intend to film the sequel to the acclaimed history.

“World “Ghostbusters” alive and well”, — said the responsible for distribution of products of Sony’s Rory Bruer. “We expect that “Ghost Hunters” will be a high quality brand and franchise. Although so far no official announcements have been received, I believe that the continuation will be held.”

Recall, the new “Ghost Hunters” is a restarted version of an old film with a new cast. One team directed by Paul Fig has gathered Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones and Chris Hemsworth.

By the way, as expected in mainstream American cinema, this women’s company was not without girls gay.

Paul Fig has admitted that the character actress Kate McKinnon – Julian Holtzman is gay. “I’m absolutely not shy, but when you are dealing with the studios, that sort of thing should negotiate, discuss and all that rigmarole… If you know Kate, she’s actually pansexual, she is one of those people who everyone falls in love and that love in all around, is noticed Fig. And I decided to just show everyone that her kind character. And it was interesting to build relations between her and the heroine of Melissa McCarthy”.

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