Sony Music apologized to Britney Spears in a tweet about her death

Sony Music извинилась перед Бритни Спирс за твит о ее смерти

The whole music world can not come to terms with the loss of George Michael. But on the eve of the Network appeared the news of yet another death. We are talking about Britney Spears. The official Twitter account of Sony Music Global was published a tweet saying that the singer has died.

Today, a representative of Sony Music Global clarifies the situation and apologise Spears. I hasten to please you – Britney is alive and well.

As it turned out, the company’s account was hacked. Exactly what the attackers left a message on it that has lifted on ears of all fans of the actress.

For Sony Music said that they apologized to the actress and her fans. The singer has not commented on the incident, but her Manager said that with Spears it’s all right.