Sons of Oleg Tabakov contradict each other

Сыновья Олега Табакова противоречат друг другу
The condition of 82-year-old actor is deeply worrying.

Oleg Tabakov


The night before, the Network appeared information about the hospitalization of Oleg Tabakov in the intensive care unit. It was reported that the actor is in the First town hospital. Doctors, according to initial reports, diagnosed him with pneumonia. The status of Tabakov were evaluated as extremely serious. This information was confirmed by the eldest son of Oleg Pavlovich Anton.

And Paul, the youngest son of the artist, denied the words of his brother. He said that with his father “all right,” and he’s at the hospital were due to dental problems. “Dad was hospitalized in the First city on routine dental examination. All right, so there are no problems”, — quotes Pavel Tabakov Moscow. Oleg Pavlovich responded only once to calls of journalists. He did not dwell on his condition, saying: “I’m sick!”

Later in mass media there was news that the 82-year-old Oleg Pavlovich began blood poisoning. But this information again has not been confirmed by family members Tabakov. Fans who are unable to find out the truth about the hospitalization of people’s artist, very worried and waiting for reliable information.