Сыновья Екатерины Климовой готовят для мамы The boys try to please star mom. The eldest son of Ekaterina Klimova, 10-year-old Matthew fry of perfectly grilled meat. The culinary abilities of the heirs, the actress boasted in a microblog.

      Сыновья Екатерины Климовой готовят для мамы

      Famous actress and mother of four children Yekaterina Klimova’s raising his sons to be real men. For example, Matthew and Roots, which are ten and eight years respectively, is already well understood, that roast meat is not for women.

      On his page in Instagram Ekaterina Klimova has published a touching video, made on a summer evening. In the picture, actress sons Matthew and Roots making dinner. Matthew fries grilled meats, and Roots serves a table. Star mother at this time is resting quietly on a swing with the e-book in his hand, though, from glancing over the boys. “Dinner is served!” “says the eldest of the sons, Matthew. “Why not name?” – asks the actress.

      “Life is good, not a woman’s thing, fry the meat,” commented Ekaterina Klimova video.

      The story has fascinated followers of the star. They were pricked in their abilities sons Klimova, education and the striking similarity of the eldest son of artist Matthew with his father, a well-known actor Igor Petrenko.

      “Mother’s pride! Good girl”, “Katyusha, you just got very lucky with the kids. Although they just went to you!”, “Lucky men!”, “Cook good. Little man. Happiness to your home”, “Boys well done! Mother’s little helpers”, “Son – the spitting image of dad!”, comment fans of Ekaterina Klimova video.

      By the way, the actress has repeatedly told what great guys to grow its successors. They help mom to babysit younger sister Bella, who were born last fall. And during pregnancy of Catherine, Matthew and Roots gave her a foot massage. “No wonder it gave birth!”, – signed picture actress, in which sons carefully massaged her calves.

      Сыновья Екатерины Климовой готовят для мамы

      Recall, together with her husband, Gela Meskhi Ekaterina Klimova has four children – 14-year-old daughter Lisa from his first marriage, two sons from her marriage with actor Igor Petrenko and his daughter Bella, who was born on October 2 last year. The girl was the first joint child Meskhi and Klimova. Spouse Ekaterina Klimova started talking about family life with her

      Like many star parents, Ekaterina Klimova did not stay too long in the decree and after the birth of his daughter quickly went to work. Now the actress manages to successfully combine the care of the four heirs and career.

      Сыновья Екатерины Климовой готовят для мамы

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