Sonia Kiperman has publicly confessed her feelings for boyfriend

Соня Киперман публично призналась в чувствах к бойфренду The girl dedicated a touching post darling. The daughter of a popular artist has put together a series of shots with a guy and thanked him for what he is with her for two years.

Daughter Vera Brezhneva Sonia Kiperman no secret that happy in the relationship with the chosen one. She meets with hawk for two years. Pair not once staged joint trips abroad and appeared together at parties. Boyfriend Sony specializiruetsya filming movies about travel. He has a YouTube channel where he posts his art.

Today, a young man celebrates his birthday. Sonia decided to devote elect a touching post to social networks, collecting photographs of different years. Universal admiration was aroused collage where she joined their baby pictures.

“Happy 18th birthday to his favorite Hawk. I am grateful to God to have you in my life for two years. You make me incredibly happy and I love you,” admitted Kiperman in “Instagram”.

The guy thanked the girl and wrote that she is the best. In his microblog, you can often find footage of Sonya. The choice of the successor Brezhneva loves to photograph the girl surreptitiously, as unexpected photos are the most alive. By the way, hawk had to meet with my mom friends. Faith had approved the daughter’s choice. Sometimes she gives Sonya advice on how to behave with a guy.

However, at this stage Kiperman more focused on learning. The girl claims that he plans to go to College in Los Angeles, where he studied with Leonardo DiCaprio. “Mother supports. I like to work behind the scenes to manipulate people, but his place in the crew I haven’t found”, – admitted Brezhnev’s daughter.

Sonia has already achieved success in the modeling business. She participated in shows of famous designers at fashion weeks. Friends and fans of the girls notes that she always manages to look perfect: and in evening dresses and everyday jeans with holes. Sonia is grateful to the subscribers who periodically flooded her with compliments. Daughter Vera Brezhneva: “the Board worse than in front of the camera”

“So happy that you even have those who follow me, rejoice in the success, support and sometimes paints my portraits – always respond to them with gratitude,” shared Kiperman with “StarHit”.