Songwriter Buzova Pasha Climate revealed the secret of her success

Автор песен Бузовой Паша Климат раскрыл секрет ее успеха The television personality and aspiring singer can be treated in different ways, but her work is watched by millions of people. Olga Buzova continues to storm the charts with new tracks. Pasha Climate, working with the star, talked about working with her.
Автор песен Бузовой Паша Климат раскрыл секрет ее успеха

Recently Olga Buzova has introduced a new song “One night” in a matter of minutes to reach the top of the Russian iTunes. The author of words and music became Pasha Climate (Paul Kirbaba), had a hand and other songs celebrity – to the tracks “Hit parade”, “Used”, “Wrong”, “the sound of kisses” and “Wi-Fi”. He said “StarHit” about how he met Olga, and revealed the secrets of work on the hits.

Paul lives and works in Kiev. He collaborated not only with Buzova, but also with many other famous artists. Songs of a young man can be found in the repertoire of Elena Temnikova, Hannah, Julianna Karaulova, Dzhigan and Tatyana Kotova. According to Paul, songwriting is his main source of income.

“In 2003, I first began to write his poetry in rap, and about five years ago decided to try his hand at pop music – shared young man. Is quite profitable occupation, but if your work at the hearing, rising fees. Always wanted to earn a favorite. My friends are happy for me.”

Basically Paul offers to artists existing songs, but sometimes there are exceptions. He maintains the relationship with the artists thanks to the Internet. While Paul does not always communicate personally with the stars, for example, Elena Temnikova he never saw – all issues were resolved through management of the star. The young man also admitted that he did not follow Olga Buzova before you start cooperation with her.

Автор песен Бузовой Паша Климат раскрыл секрет ее успеха “I sent out my “demo” different producers. Representatives Olga answered me. To be honest, I knew little about her before the release of my track “the sound of kisses” in her performance. Here in Ukraine it is not so popular, so opinions special about it was not – he recalls. But when I started to follow her, I was immediately struck by her diligence and how she sacrifices herself for the sake of the result.”

During the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” Paul also shared his opinion about the reasons for the success of Olga Buzova. However, the aspiring singer plays to full houses, and her stories on Instagram more hits than Kim Kardashian.

“I guess this is people’s love. People love to watch the same as they are, and Olga was the man of the people, whose attitude has proved that it is possible to achieve the heights, whoever you were. She is an example to all who wants but does not dare to do something,” – says the author of the songs of the stars.

Fans Buzova think that her songs in tune with their feelings, so I listen to the tracks of stars on repete. According to the young man, the success of a song depends not only on its author.

“To be honest, I do not share emotions on male or female. They are either there or they are not. Every song is my thoughts about feelings. Sometimes I draw some ideas from his life experience, in other cases peeking in people’s lives, says Paul. – As an author, I always feel the magic when a song really gets hit. But there are many other factors, for example, performer, producer. And just how far the “shoot” song, depends on the symbiosis of all these circumstances”.

Speaking of favorite artists, which he listens to in his spare time, Paul admitted that selects a single genre. “Honestly, this is the maximum a jumble of completely different music. All I “shakes”, is automatically included in my playlist, – said the young man. But of the names can identify Belgian singer Stromae, he inspires me very much”.

Interestingly, Paul himself tried to perform their song. “Rather, sang, and sang. Singing it’s hard to call. I have no vocal ability, he says. – But something between a recitative and melody is mine. Any thoughts, and maybe even soon will release something of their own. Recently, I went to English classes, I think also to try to start writing in another language”. By the way, to plagiarism the young man is quiet.

Автор песен Бузовой Паша Климат раскрыл секрет ее успеха “I was faced with blatant borrowing, but did nothing. Rather, it is about as much fun. Then you’re doing something interesting, if you’re trying to repeat,” said Paul.

Critics agree that the Ukrainian pop music is rapidly gaining popularity abroad and begins to dictate fashion in the CIS countries – everyone knows the song “Mushrooms”, Svitlana Loboda, Ivan Dorn and others. Paul explained the success of their work.

“What I see now in the Ukrainian music is the exit to another, qualitatively higher level, – said the young man. Music beyond the expected. Artists have ceased to rely on the templates and, I think, became more guided by impulse, emotion and reliance on intuition. This is, I believe, the success of music as a whole.”