Song Lazarev gathered a million views in three days

Песня Лазарева собрала миллион просмотров за три дня

This rate has recently distinguished only Sergey Shnurov with the music video “Exhibit”.

Sergey Lazarev has firmly settled among the favorites of Eurovision this year. His song “You Agay The Оnly OPE” before the start of the contest was the head of all European charts and was included in the top three compositions. But no one expected that Lazarev else and the performance will surprise all. And he was doing things to me! Moved by appearing and disappearing steps, hovered in the air just like a real David Copperfield, without any insurance or cables! The audience watched with bated breath.

Foreign journalists too were in shock. They rushed to write reviews about the performance of our singer, using such epithets as “amazing”, “superb” and the like (learn more about foreign media reviews read HERE).

Of course, the Internet has sparked talk that this is the best room in the entire history of Eurovision. And those who watched the semi-final live, rushed to look for the video in the network.

Such a pace in two days on YouTube the speech of Sergey Lazarev looked about a million people! This rate has recently distinguished Sergey Shnurov with the music video “Exhibit”, for the week he scored 13.5 million hits. But who knows Sergey can overtake a colleague in the shop, especially if you win the “Eurovision”.

And his victory already nobody doubts. Yana Rudkovskaya, which, together with Dima Bilan went to Eurovision in 2008 and brought victory to our country, believes that Lazarev has no competitors. Judging by the number of views of participants on the Internet, yet it is so. Sergei is the leader by a wide margin.

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