Сын Яны Трояновой покончил с собой из чувства вины The actress talked about how he had lost his only heir. According to Troyanova, son Nicholas decided to commit suicide because of remorse. Ian recalled the terrible signs which preceded his death.

Yana Troyanova lost my son Nicholas a few years ago. The young man was 20 years old when he hanged himself in his house. Earlier, the actress was told that the young man began to consume illicit substances and alcohol. According to celebrity, also on son highly influenced bad heredity and friends who played with death. The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova lost son

“Unfortunately, young people trying drugs. Even in Kolya’s company, a friend out of the window dazed, beside himself. But Kolya was not drinking, as many of the Ural teenagers, but not stuck in the quagmire of addiction. Went out of life completely sober, consciously, and that we were shocked most of all. The reason was the ring events, which were closed for him in a deadly loop: serious conflicts with friends, girl, me, grandmother on the father… But it was not a desperate situation, for example, as nick brought the beer to his uncle, the brother of the father, and the fact can not drink — did that hurt my grandmother. He did wrong, realizing that couldn’t handle the shame. Didn’t know how to live with myself,” admitted Troyanova.

Ian revealed the details of the last days of the life of the son. The young man was telling of the famous mother’s personal problems, I reproached myself for not being able to cope with the difficult and dangerous nature of the dependencies.

“And it’s not that Cole had no one to talk: he discussed with me all his problems, apologized… So we said goodbye. It happened last New year. Kolya is predicted, although as far as I understand, still not ready. Said only: “I Have a feeling that I will die soon…”. I answered him: “I know,” shared the actress.

According to Troyanova, she had a premonition that death will take away Kolya. But the artist had no idea that five days later after a conversation with his son, he dares at a fatal step.

“God in the hands I had passed in that period. Nick left the week after the shooting of the picture “Live”, and this work became for me a dress rehearsal: my heroine, having lost her beloved, could not find my way in life, went to the priest and asked her to read the burial service. I was exhausted and went from filming with a full sense of what it’s going to be with my son. Dull, as from a deep well, to me came the information: “You know what our son will go! Know where he will be buried!” But then included head: “What kind of rut?” — remembered artist.

Despite the scary thoughts, Troyanova left home during the Christmas holidays along with her husband film Director Vasily sigareva. Nicholas was left alone. “Bob drove away from the house all day, but I asked him: “Why do you think that the tomb of the son between his father and poet Boris Red?” As it turned out, that night nick had hanged himself. While arrangements for the funeral, I was not himself, and the cemetery suddenly Bob said, “Look!” Show the graveyard now lies next to his father, and then the tombstone of the poet Red…” — said the actress in an interview to “Caravan of stories”.