Son Sobchak and Vitorgan performs tricks under water

Сын Собчак и Виторгана выполняет трюки под водой The presenter often shares photos and videos with Plato. This time the star posted a video, during which Maxim Vitorgan helps the child to do a somersault in the pool. Fans never cease to admire the eight-month-old baby.

Son of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan not even a year old, and the boy has already become a star. Every post devoted to Plato in Instagram parents, causing jubilation among the fans of the star couple. However, the actor and TV presenter is not in a hurry to show the face of the baby, protecting its right to a peaceful childhood.

Now Ksenia and Maxim relax with the son in Jurmala. Sunday star mom shared a touching video with crumbs. Little Plato under the strict control of the Pope performs stunts under water in the pool.

“Life is one big somersault”, signed movie Sobchak.

In the video, fans saw the face of Plato’s and immediately began to discuss who looks like a boy. Most of the subscribers Ksenia came to the conclusion that the baby still looks like his father.

Soon around the post sparked heated debate, because some fans came to the conclusion that such tricks are dangerous for Plato. However, most of the subscribers took the side of the presenter. “How terrible for the kid, he’s fully immersed in water”, “me and my son went to the pool when he was six months. Children are great swimmers” “And suddenly it will sink? Be careful”, – shared his experiences fans of the stars.

Sobchak tries not to comment on motherhood and the relationship with the spouse. Celebrity couple travels a lot and almost always takes a trip eight of Plato. The boy has a special love for the water, and previously she has repeatedly shown her son swims and dives.

Plato always has in the pool under the control of the father, so he is in no danger. Maxim Vitorgan also sometimes divided combines the frames from the boy, invariably covering his face. In between filming, the actor tries to spend time with the family.

“When we’re happy, usually to tell about myself nothing. Drama, revelations, exaggerated passions, find adventure just becomes strange and funny” – Sobchak has signed one of the family pictures.

Fans believe that Ksenia and Maxim are incredibly happy together. According to them, motherhood has changed and the style of the presenter and her character. Fans believe that Sobchak has become much more friendly and open for communication.