Сын фигуриста Максима Маринина дебютировал в ледовом шоу
Little Artemije came to the big ice.

Maxim Marinin’s son Artemy

Photo: press service

Artemy Marinin, the son of a famous Russian figure skater Maxim Marinin,
received his first adult role in the ice show. Together with his father and
other famous Olympic Champions, he took to the ice in
the play of Ilya Averbukh’s “the Nutcracker and the Mouse king”.

Boy on skates 5 years, but seriously started skating last year and has achieved good results.

“It was my idea to offer Ilya the participation of Artemis in the show “the Nutcracker” — proudly says Maxim Marinin. — For me it is also exciting time. We finally found a good children’s coach and now
my son went to a new level and I’m not ashamed that it is involved in the show.
Artemiy very well combined, at least in his role he
looks good. Before that he was seriously fond of breakdancing, and that
did it well, but at some point had to choose or
dancing or figure skating. In principle,
his path began as a figure skater here in posleolimpiyskogo Sochi,
where we first held a training camp “Path to success”. And the way for Artemis
continues participation in the show, and I am very pleased.”

The young skater is very proud of his role:”
it is a great honor and responsibility to act with such renowned
skaters. Many thanks to Ilya Averbukh for the opportunity
play Franz, the brother of Marie, and become part of this famous team.”

Marinin has moved to Sochi with her son, where until the end of September plays a major
role in the show “Romeo and Juliet” and “Nutcracker and the mouse king”. Soon
the holidays are going to join him, his wife, the ballerina Natalia Somova with
daughter Ulyana.

show Ilya Averbuch “the Nutcracker and the Mouse king” was first shown in
Moscow in December 2016 and has become one of the most spectacular and
expensive projects Ilya Averbuch — projects of the costumes were created by the best
designers in France, to a complex multi-level set design was
used dozens of tons of equipment. Moscow audiences and critics with
love the new show, and “the Nutcracker” has become one of the most
successful ice show for the whole family. In Sochi, the tour will take place at the ice Palace
“Iceberg” every Monday until August 27.