Son Sergey Lazarev is going to go to school

Сын Сергея Лазарева уже собирается пойти в школу The popular singer has congratulated teachers on their professional holiday. On this occasion, Sergey Lazarev decided to demonstrate the achievements of their child Nikita. As it turned out, pretty boy knows the alphabet.

The singer Sergey Lazarev is the father of the charming Nikita. The contractor no longer hide their child and often shared publications with them on social networks. This artist prefers not to show the face of his son, trying to protect him from public curiosity. Recently, they decided to share the achievements of Nikita. The singer has released a funny video in which his successor is studying the alphabet.

Сын Сергея Лазарева уже собирается пойти в школу“Let’s go again. Loud and from the very beginning,” – says Lazarev-to-child.

After that Nikita expressive says the letters out loud. A child carefully follows the instructions of his father and moves his finger along the pictures from children’s books.

“Every moment my happiness,” – said Lazarev in the microblog, accompanied by the publication hashtags “father and son”, “back to school” and “teachers ‘ Day”.

Fans of Sergei was delighted with his touching video and supported video approving comments and likes. “Good for you”, “I fell in love with the voice,” “fine time”, “Cute”, “I Wish you success in everything and always”, “Be diligent”, “Sugar”, “Gold”, “So very cute”, “Charming”, “Clever”, “Bunny” was discussed fans Lazarev.

By the way, not so long ago the singer has provided fans a new video for the song “So beautiful”, which he considers to be the most real and honest for his entire career. In a matter of minutes the work of Lazarev scored thousands of hits on YouTube. The heroes of a romantic movie were real couples, and Sergei himself and his son Nikita.

Сын Сергея Лазарева уже собирается пойти в школу“Thank you for sharing with us their relations, feelings and love. A huge thank you to the whole crew” – shared Lazarev in the microblog.

Users of social networks have found the Sergey’s work is very emotional and memorable. “Thank you! I cried, really. Such happiness when an artist does this kind of thing”, “This video is a real art”, “Clip is just great, Last time the most beautiful. So sincere and loving towards the son. Touches the soul,” “I want to believe that people will start to appreciate the love,” commented fans of the performer.