Son Sergey Lazarev forced him to abandon the party

Сын Сергея Лазарева заставил его отказаться от вечеринок The actor said what he had to sacrifice. According to Lazarev, now he wants to get home to the baby. The singer said that for him, true happiness to see how it develops Nikita.
Сын Сергея Лазарева заставил его отказаться от вечеринок

Last winter the wide public it became known that Sergey Lazarev a son. The artist carefully protected child from the press and not telling their friends about the baby. Birth Nikita has greatly influenced the life of the singer. According to Sergei, now he hurries home to spend more time with the heir.

“I’ve heard that when children are born, you cease to exist, everything starts to revolve around the baby. But it is impossible to understand until you yourself became a parent. I disagreed when I said that life will change. You may nod, but still do not know how it will actually. When my son was born, life has indeed become completely subordinated to what he wants, what he needs. And this such happiness. I don’t even understand how there can be different”, – said Lazarev.

Unlike his colleagues, Sergey prefers to hide the events of his personal life, so only recently started to share photos with Nikita, but he’s still not showing the baby’s face and restrict comments to such posts. Star is afraid of negativity to the family and carefully protect the rest.

Admitted as a participant of “Eurovision”, Nikita never ceases to surprise him. Lazarev claims that it can touch the human emotions of the baby that he sees.

“The most interesting and anxious – it just look like every day this little man makes new achievements. It’s really happening every day. You can see how the baby is growing like he is up to something: trying to crawl, roll over, begins to speak. And rejoice to everything, like some huge event. We go used to it. But when your child makes the first step, it is something incredible,” said star.

Lazarus had to revise their leisure. The actor stopped to visit a noisy party, but he concealed from his friends the reasons which forced him to change our schedule life. “Three years ago, when friends and colleagues touted at events, parties had to refuse and I couldn’t tell them why. All the time come up with some excuses. Some were offended that I will not attend any dinner, and I realized that I needed to flee home because at home I have a son,” – said Sergey.

By the way, recently the actor has dedicated the baby a tattoo. On the neck Lazarev stuffed the letter N, which begins the name of the boy. “He’s always with me,” said the actor in an interview with the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.