Сын Сергея Лазарева щеголяет в модных образах The singer decided to spend a vacation family: went with a three-year Nikita on a trip. Judging by the pictures that appeared on Instagram of the contractor, they arrived in Sunny Miami.
Сын Сергея Лазарева щеголяет в модных образах

Sergey Lazarev once again pleased fans of family snapshots. This time in the microblog popular singer has photos from vacation, which he spent in the United States with her son. Three-year Nikita is in no way behind from the fashionable dad: now he wears cool caps and stylish sneakers. But the main mystery of the matinee idol did not disclose: the person of the son artist still hides behind the smiles. In addition, he covers reviews to such publications.

If you believe geotagged, family holidays, Lazarev took place in Miami. on the Sunny coast they spent two weeks. During the trip they even managed to admire the amazing natural phenomenon – a solar Eclipse. Last time to see this was nearly a hundred years ago.

Sergey Lazarev not one of those who is willing to share the details of his personal life. That he became a father, fans only found out when Nikita was two and a half years. The singer himself shared his joy on Instagram.

“The life of a public man is always seen under a magnifying glass… that’s why me and my family, it was decided to keep the wonderful happy event occurred in my life 2.5 years ago, exclusively in a family circle, do not make any statements or announcements… in Order not to produce them even more, I want to officially confirm that I am really happy here for 2.5 years to be a dad and raise my son…” — wrote the artist.

Lazarev admitted that with the advent of the heir his life has changed dramatically. He has completely revised its schedule, declined from trendy hangouts in favor of a quiet home evening. Colleagues and acquaintances about the reasons for their constant failures Lazarev to spend time at parties were not even aware.

Even a close friend of the artist Philip for a long time knew nothing about a happy event. By the way, speaking of fatherhood, friend, pop king noted that he was very wise when he decided to hide the imminent advent of the baby from the public. Philip, according to his own confessions, regretted that pretty soon revealed the secret of the birth of their heirs and realized how important it was to keep it inside at least for a while.