Сын Сергея Филина определился с будущей профессией
The boy sees himself in the world of music.

Sasha Filin

Photo: Press service

Held in
The Vitebsk festival “Slavic Bazaar” 12-year-old Sasha Filin acted as
leading children’s music programs. Parents, Sergei Filin and Maria
Parwich actively contribute to the creative development of their sons, Sasha and Sergei
engaged in the theater-Studio “fidget”.

The eldest son Sasha
known for his success in music — is a finalist
of “the Voice.Children”, winner of “New wave”, a finalist
the qualifying round of Junior Eurovision and the best performer award Kinder Music
Awards-2017. “Of course, we are very proud of
our son! Pleased with his success, always supported in your endeavors. Sasha a lot
works and it brings results.” — said the wife of the ballet master Maria

In the future, the young artist plans
to get a professional musical education, namely, to try your
strength in songwriting direction. To the question: “what if the parents so
the “star” of the childhood of the eldest son,” Mary replied in the negative. “Star
the disease seems to be not there yet, says Parwich. — Sasha very opposite
shy in this respect, overly self-critical. Its publicity is the result
a lot of work, so it is not seen as a gift from heaven, and as the process
effort, will and work on oneself.” At the moment Sasha
getting ready to speak at the closing of the children’s dance festival Russian
the children’s center “Orlyonok” in the Crimea, where plans to spend the rest of the summer