Cына Шона Пенна выпустили из тюрьмы
It became known as Penn reacted to the news about the arrest of his son.

Sean Penn’s son Hopper

As it became known, 24-year-old Hopper, the younger of the two
children of Sean Penn from his ex-wife Robin Wright, was released. He was released
bail in 25 thousand dollars. The
at least, this is not the end of troubles for the son Penn. Because the Hopper was
arrested for it drugs. And, as it happened
not for the first time, it did not escape punishment.

Hopper was detained for the same reason. However, that was when
he was a teenager. As told young people last year, a teenager
he abused all sorts of “dope” and came to a very sorry state.
He had then to undergo treatment in the clinic — at the request of Sean, who although
for divorce from Robin Wright, took
active participation in the upbringing of children. “He asked
I then: do you want to end your life on a bench in some bus
stop? If not, go to the clinic!”, — Hopper recalled the words of the father. It seemed
treatment helped him: many the guy managed to avoid the use of “performance enhancing drugs”.
But now, after a long period of sobriety, the son of actor again “broke”…

We will remind: recently, Hopper and his girlfriend, the actress Uma Background Wittkamp, was arrested in Nebraska. Car
where they were going, attracted the attention of the law because the driver
repeatedly ignored the need to include “turn signals” when
the restructuring of the series in a row. When their car was stopped by police, custody
order seemed that 24-year-old Hopper and his girlfriend behaved
suspicious. He decided to search and found drugs:
marijuana, magic mushrooms and potent pills. In the end, both were
arrested. Fortunately for hopper and his girlfriend, the number of banned substances
it was not very significant, so at least the intent to distribute them not

it is reported, the news about the arrest of the son was
for Sean, a serious blow: he had hoped that his son has forever been able to deal with
their addiction. And now Penn requires that the Hopper before the trial went to
the clinic, and promised to give him medical institution with the most strict