Сын Рокко осчастливил Мадонну

Adolescence everyone experiences differently. But it is important to know that parents at this time should be especially attentive, but not Intrusive in relation to their children.

Apparently, somewhere crossed the line and failed to come to terms with the fact that her son is getting older, the singer Madonna.

The last few months, the artist also did, which restricted the freedom of man, the house of Majd, as he told sources, they all had to toe the line.

A way out of this situation for Rocco was his father, Director guy Ritchie. Filmmaker lives in the UK, because the guy could not only live separately from mom’s house, and even in another country.

Сын Рокко осчастливил Мадонну

Rocco rebellion took a serious turn when Richie Sr. decided to deprive the Madonna of motherhood. Then, obviously, Madge realized that you have to put up with their men and to go to the world.

Several trips to the UK, she managed again to get along with his son. And so, the guy decided to make mom a gift for the summer and arrived in the United States.

Made on paparazzi photos from the airport, we see that Rocco looks quite happy, though his hair seems a bit strange.

As far as the press knew, for mother and son summer should be an appropriate time for the normalization of their relations.

“This chance has been waiting for each of them,” said a PAL of the singer.

I wonder how long Rocco and Madonna will hold together?

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