Son Pugacheva and Galkin cuts stylist Yegor creed

Сына Пугачевой и Галкина стрижет стилист Егора Крида Harry changed the image. The heir of celebrities said goodbye to baby curls. The mother took the boy in the first class lounge, where he picked up a hairstyle by the shape of the head and facial features.

      Сына Пугачевой и Галкина стрижет стилист Егора Крида

      Recently Harry Galkin said goodbye to baby curls in the capital Studio Andcapone. Maxim personally called the salon and asked to enroll my son. At the appointed time the parents brought Harry. The cut took the stylist Ando Stepanyan from the Netherlands. Among the clients of this master Egor creed, Timothy and others.

      Son Pugacheva and Galkin got a makeover in the beauty salon

      “I’m honored to be the first stylist Galkina, Jr., says Ando, “StarHit”. – He behaved very well, sitting straight, not spun, closely followed the events. Probably because we know Maxim Galkin, a longtime client does not just come with the heir. What will be the haircut, decided collectively. “The main concern in the Soviet Union,” asked Alla”.

      “I was offered different options, taking into account all the little things: the shape of the face, head and hair structure. They chose a classic men’s haircut – sideburns shorter, top longer. The boy was very happy! Tears from the chair, walked closer to the mirror, twirled, and then ran up to me, hugged and thanked. Alla and Maxim were also delighted,” continued Stepanyan.

      The stylist also advised the family to care for the hair of the boy, advised inexpensive means: “Garrick is still young, so until he’s better just to use baby shampoo to avoid irritation of the scalp, or allergies,” – said the expert.

      Diva showed the result of cutting in the microblog. The Harry with bobbed hair has caused excitement among followers of the artist. “Excellent!”, “Nailed it!”, “Handsome, all max,” he praised the result, subscribers Pugacheva.