Сын Прилучного и Муцениеце стал актером
5-year-old Timothy made his debut at the theater.

Photo: Instagram

It seems that the family of Paul Priluchnogo and Agatha muceniece grows another artist. 5-year-old Timothy first came on the scene and is said to be well coped with his work in the play “the reluctant Adventurer”.

However, the role he was small. Timothy was supposed to roll out on stage in a wheelchair to say Hello with all, to say that it was passed to my grandmother, and to say goodbye. It’s more than just “dinner is served!”

The boy, of course, was very nervous, but behind the scenes his parents were very supportive, which, incidentally, also employed in this production. Interestingly, debut came on the stage in jubilee, the 65th run of the play! Some felt that it was a sign. After the performances the artists gathered in the dressing room, we celebrated an important date and presented the boy to his first pay envelope.

By the way, Timothy, though the first came on the scene, but the artist he experienced. He regularly “shines” in mom’s blog, and several times went on tour with mom and dad. However, he did not like.

“He now has a lot of toys and a lot of various activities, and it is quite difficult to get out of the house, told Paul Priluchny in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — And in General he is dreaming to become a soldier. I’ll probably give it to the Suvorov military school”.