Son Polina Gagarina compared with the Leps

Сына Полины Гагариной сравнили с Лепсом The boy was delighted subscribers of the singer’s talents. It turned out that Polina Gagarina teaches children some basics of vocal and playing the keyboard. The star posted a funny video with his participation.

      Followers Polina Gagarina in Instagram remember touching the heir congratulated her on the recent birthday. After joint performances of relatives in honor of the anniversary of the artist, Andrew ran up and gently hugged mom. It was evident that between relatives there was a close emotional connection.

      Polina Gagarina surprised by the surprise her husband

      By the way, the son of the singer in the company of her that not only is fun as a thought. It turned out, Gagarin develops boy the musical: teaching music literacy, piano and vocal harmonies. This conclusion was made by the followers of a celebrity, watching a video, which she has published in the microblog.

      Mini-clip captures Andrew, sitting in dark glasses with his keyboard. The young actor plays the keys and sings the song of the popular American TV series “Friends” to the tune of the new hit of Pauline “Drama no more”. Fans were thrilled with a sense of humor and abilities of the teenager. Many admitted that they did not expect from him such a virtuosity and charisma. Also fans of beauty left dozens of comments with compliments of Andrei, where even compared it with Grigory Leps.

      “Yeah… With such a son will not get bored! Bravo, Andrik! The talent is growing! Very cool played!”, “So cute! Good idea. You can record the new song “Torn-tattered cat”. It will be interesting”, “How cool, cute and funny. Polina Sergeevna, he now you will sing better. You are not afraid? I think Andrice a lot of hidden talents,” “And what voobrazila! A true artist, like his mother. Have fun!”, “Little singer – Leps,” wrote the social network users.

      Interestingly, to demonstrate the original performance he decided not just. According to Gagarina, the boy tries anything to delay the home release. Like many children, the son of singer entertains parents that they should not make him go to bed. About the subscribers she told the blonde.

      “And you already heard my new hit single “Torn-tattered cat”? Oh! That is, “no more Drama”! Harmony lessons are not in vain, especially when you need to sleep, and we are ready for anything, but would not sleep,” wrote under the video star.