Son Pevtsov and Drozdova has headed the jury of theatrical competition

Сын Певцова и Дроздовой возглавил жюри театрального конкурса
Elisha Singers got first job.

Сын Певцова и Дроздовой возглавил жюри театрального конкурса

Nine-year-old Singers Elisha, the son of Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova, will become co-Chairman of the jury of the Second all-Russian festival of Amateur theatre Family
“The fairytale is coming to your house.” Along with the other co-chair of the jury — his father, 29 Oct boy will appreciate the creativity of a theatrical family teams from 17 regions of Russia and the Republic
Belarus (the show is held on the stage of the Academy of fine arts and watercolors Andriaka). According to the results the Jury will choose the Best
Family Theatre of the year, the holders of 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, as well as owners
spetsprizom “the Most United family”, “Most cheerful family”, “The good theater
statement”, “For a better understanding of the dramatic material”, ”
originality”. On October 30th, there will be master classes, discussions of competitive performances and awards
participants of the festival.

The objective of the Festival is the development of the family theater and education of the younger generation methods of culture and art. Its President is actress Olga Budina. Admission is free (according to the number of seats available in the hall)!