Son of Vladimir Vysotsky was in the hospital after the fight

Сын Владимира Высоцкого попал в больницу после драки
55-year-old Arkady Vysotsky broke his nose.

Arkady Vysotsky

The eldest son of Vladimir Vysotsky admitted to
one of the Moscow hospitals. 55-year-old actor and screenwriter Arkady Vysotsky, who
inherited from the legendary father
got the talent to walk “in Grand style”, was in a medical facility
an injured nose.

Man seriously injured person during a conflict that occurred in the movie House on Vasilevsky street. Many filmmakers
I think this place is a second home, and the restaurant on the fourth floor — something like
own kitchen, which includes an endless feast. During one of
them Arkady Vysotsky something not shared with the guest of the restaurant and a fight ensued.

Buddy, the excited actor rushed to separate them, after which it is brought to
the street and called a taxi. Not waiting for machines, Vysotsky decided to go back and
to continue the fights. At the entrance to the movie House he didn’t notice the fence in the form
chain, lost his balance and “lost face” in both senses.