Сын Валерии попал в автомобильную катастрофу возле Санкт-Петербурга

Сын Валерии попал в автомобильную катастрофу возле Санкт-Петербурга

Arseny Shulgin 21-year-old son Valeria recently made his famous mother is very upset. The young man together with his friends decided to spend the weekend in St. Petersburg, and went to the car. Already at the entrance to Peter the whole company was involved in a car accident, faced with a bump. On this happy occasion, none of the guys suffered, but only received minor injuries. Due to bad weather conditions brought a bump on the road, and he collided with the car of young people. At this point, Arseny was asleep in the back seat so their eyes didn’t see anything.

In his Instagram account the guy admitted that on 8 December 2019 for it now is the date of the second birthday. He admitted that to go to Peter, knowing about weather conditions, was a huge mistake on their part. He also mentioned that the collision happened at full speed on a clean track, and the fact that they all survived — a great happiness. The guy ripped both your lips, in the hospital he had them sewn up. Also a very loose front teeth, but the doctors do not say what to do with it, you may have them even removed. The guy sure is the best outcome in such a situation and thank God for the opportunity to continue to live. At the end of the post Arseniy urged everyone to think before you go for some risky business.

The most serious injury discovered at a friend Arseny, she is the owner of the car, which moved guys. Liana received a broken arm. In addition to harseni and Lianas in the car were two guys, but they only have small bruises on the body.

Of course Valeria herself also commented on the incident, holding the Instagram photo with his son and Liana after the accident. She thanked all the fans and colleagues for your concern. Told that indeed her son was in the car and slept in the back seat, and that this trip was a big mistake for young people. Valeria also told that the car will now be scrapped, it can not be repaired. And asked all people to be careful on the roads, and if possible in the winter to avoid a trip, it is best to do it.

Today, 9 Dec 2019, all four guys returned to Moscow from Peter, this time they flew a plane so not to risk. Arseniy need rehabilitation after injuries, he is still unable to eat normal food, and eats pureed food through a straw. Many stars of Russian show business Arseniy wished a speedy recovery and full recuperation.

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