Сын Валерии вступился за свою девушку The young man explained why his mother reacted negatively to the young model. According to Arseniy Shulgin, many parents are wary at first, perceive the choice of their children. However, over time, the family of man is all good.

      Сын Валерии вступился за свою девушку

      Conflict 17-year-old son of Valerie Arseniy Shulgin with his parents, seems to be completely exhausted. In conversation with journalists, the young man dropped the issue, saying that in the moment of its second half a good relationship with the famous mother and producer Joseph Prigogine. At the moment Arseny lives with his family, and they communicate with each other. Previously appeared in the press review of Valerie that she didn’t like his fiancee, the young man was blamed on the usual problems of fathers and children. After young pianist was introduced to 21-year-old model Anna Sheridan with Valeria and Joseph, all misunderstandings are gone.

      “To write so much, but I communicate with my parents and living at home. It’s not that she didn’t approve. After they met, everything was in order,” — said Arseniy Shulgin.

      The young man truly did not understand what his lover could displease his famous mom, as written media. From his words it appears that Anna is a good role model, because she only learns to straight a’s in University and has large abilities.

      “Such a coincidence that the Network got strange info. The girl — a student, goes on the red diploma at the University, very smart. There were many cases when parents, mother, reacted. Just have certain views are not some things,” said Arseny in the program “New Russian sensations” of the NTV channel.

      Recall that in January, the son of Valery Arseniy abandoned his studies at music College and left home for his lover, a student of economic faculty of the REU them. G. V. Plekhanov and aspiring model Anna Sheridan (real name — aver). Then the mother of the young pianist has openly admitted dislike for the girl his heir. The reasons why she went up to Anna, people’s artist did not articulate. However, Valeria said that she respects the choice of Arseny himself to decide with whom to spend my time. In this situation, the well-known singer was upset that the young man stopped music lessons, Valeria called the act of the son’s “youthful maximalism”.

      Later, it was reported that Arseny was able to establish a relationship with Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Common sense and life circumstances have forced the young man to return to her parents. Friends of the family said “StarHit” that family means a lot for Arseny, and he decided to make peace with his family. But in music school and Arseny has not recovered, by choosing the learning in a secondary school. After returning to Valerie and Joseph Shulgin became less likely to see its second half.

      Arseny Shulgin returned home after family conflict

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