Сын Валентины Леонтьевой поделился трогательными воспоминаниями о ней Dmitry Vinogradov remembered childhood. The heir of Kim denied that she was hard at work and did not pay sufficient attention. Vinogradov admitted that he admired the mother and thought of her as very bright and “purebred” woman.
Сын Валентины Леонтьевой поделился трогательными воспоминаниями о ней

Artist Dmitry Vinogradov is the son of legendary TV presenter Valentina Leontyeva that knew and loved millions of fans of the programme “visiting tales”, “sincerely”, “good night, kids”, as well as news programs. People’s artist of the USSR died in may 2007 and was buried in the Ulyanovsk region, where she spent the last years.

Son of Valentina Leontyeva talking about long-term family feuds

Until recently, Dmitry was avoiding to talk to reporters about her famous mother. There were rumors that he had a strained relationship with the presenter. It was said also that Vinogradov was allegedly put the arm on someone. However, the artist himself did not confirm this information. In a recent interview with Dmitry openly talked about his childhood and character of Valentina Mikhailovna. Male first shared touching memories of her mother. Apparently, the heir to TV stars genuinely admired her.

“She was bright, independent woman. In our family when I was a kid, was a black car Chevrolet — “Chevy”, as the Americans call it. Valentina even went on her own to the South. She smoked a lot, sometimes up to two packs a day. However, I smoked Marlboro — while she never sat down cords, the voice was always young and sonorous. My mother was a thoroughbred person,” says Vinogradov.
Сын Валентины Леонтьевой поделился трогательными воспоминаниями о ней

According to the artist, he had a great relationship with her mother. Valentina never raised her voice at him and not scolded for bad grades in school. A man calls his parent “diplomat”. According to Vinogradov, was the leading highly-bred and educated woman.

During the conversation with journalists the man also said that he was told about the cruelty of the leader. Dmitry said that it is quite natural. Vinogradov has reminded that Leontiev worked in television since the late 50‑ies. He believes that TV can’t survive spineless people. “Valentina Mihailovna was a large number of enemies, like any famous person,” added the heir of a celebrity.

In the 1970-ies the TV presenter broke up with the diplomat Yury Vinogradov, the father of the famous artist. Journalists wrote that Dmitry was negatively affected by parental divorce. The man himself has denied the speculation. According to Vinogradov, he went to rest with his father and his future wife. Dmitry quite calmly reacted to the information that his close friends are no longer together. “I am absolutely not hurt, I do not feel for my father’s passions in advance of any negative emotions,” said the man.

Now Dmitry Vinogradov lives in a large two-story house, located in more than one hundred kilometers from Moscow. The man maintains relations with his father’s family. In the home doesnít have pictures of the parents.

“I think about them, they are in my head and in my heart, and to show them to someone, showing that I remember them, it’s stupid and some posturing… And all of the carnival where I have lived since childhood – I would not say that it is so much fun. Mom always slightly played – it was in her blood,” – said Vinogradov, “Moscow Komsomolets”.