Сын Тины Тернер застрелился The body of Craig Raymond found in his home in Studio city. The police finds out why the man decided to commit suicide. Tina Turner is now in Paris for fashion Week.
Сын Тины Тернер застрелился

59-year-old son of Tina Turner committed suicide. About the incident became known on Tuesday afternoon. Law enforcement found the body of Raymond Craig Turner in his house. The man had shot himself.

How to write foreign tbody, until his death a son, Turner worked as a real estate agent in the valley of San Fernando. It is also known that he was a member of the national Association of realtors.

Tina Turner gave birth to a son when she was 18 years old. Father Craig was a musician Raymond hill. Subsequently, the child was adopted by another man artist, IKE Turner. Despite working together, Tina was unable to endure bullying men, so left him. IKE was beating his wife.

“He spent all our money on drugs, I have not received a penny. Many times, when he slept, I got out the gun, but never dared to use it. Once we got into a fight in the dressing room, and after I came on the scene with a swollen, battered face. Perhaps the nose was broken because was bleeding all the time while I was singing. Before I tried to cover the bruises with makeup, but such traces have been impossible to hide from the public,” recalled Tina.

The official divorce was finalized in 1978 after 16 years of marriage. Turner had to start all over again. “Having gone through all this, I realized that I needed to answer for himself. In a hopeless situation always have to force myself to get up and move on. I believe that life opens all kinds of roads”, – said the singer.

At the moment Tina Turner is at fashion Week in Paris. On the eve together with the third husband, Erwin Bach she attended the Giorgio Armani Prive show.

She married him for the second time in 2013. Bach is younger than Turner for 17 years. Before marriage, Tina met with him for a long time.

In Europe Tina lives since the mid 80-ies. She moved to London in 1986, then to Cologne and nice, and later in Switzerland. In the fall of 2013, the singer officially renounced American citizenship in favor of Swiss. Now Tina Turner lives in the town of küsnacht in the Canton of Zurich.