Son of the late Stella Baranovskaya found a new home

Сын покойной Стеллы Барановской обрел новый дом The fate of the orphaned boy told Anfisa Chekhova. The actress posted a touching post dedicated to the memory of a dead friend. 14 October marked the forty days, as a 32-year-old Stella Baranovskaya died.
Сын покойной Стеллы Барановской обрел новый дом

Actress Stella Baranovskaya died in early September after a long battle with cancer. A young woman left a six year old son Dan. And the most important question that arose after the untimely departure Baranovskaya, was to determine with whom and where you will live an orphaned boy. To the fortieth day after the death of the young woman became known, who is now engaged in the education of Tribute. As reported on his page in Instagram friend Stella Baranovskaya Anfisa Chekhova, is the grandmother of the boy.

“Dan lives with his mother Stella. Goes to kindergarten. Access to Instagram Stella lost, as the phone gave it to my mom and the password to her “Instagram” is not picked up. Who wants to remember our girl, she is buried in Mashkinskoye cemetery. To the left along the fence and rested in her grave,” – said Anfisa Chekhova.

She recalled that on 14 October the forty days since the death of Stella Baranovskaya. The actress was dedicated to girlfriend touching video, accompanied by its sad thoughts about such an early departure of a young woman.

“Still remember every day spent together! Still sharing with you my thoughts but not out loud! Still hard to accept the unfairness of your care. You’re still alive, Baby! Hear your voice in my head, keep you in my heart,” wrote the star.

Subscribers Anfisa Chekhova responded to her poignant recognition of sympathetic comments. They admit that most of them now feel sorry for the son of Stella Dane.

“To tears… Children, of course, very sorry in such situations. Eternal memory”, “As her son? Poor, so small and so many hardships in his way. When he goes mom, this is the hardest”, “the Kingdom of heaven! God rest her soul! Let the guardian angel cares for and protects Danya!” – write followers Anfisa Chekhova under her post.

Recall that in the last days of life Stella Baranovskaya, her son Dan was first, Katie Gordon, and then the singer Zara. After the death of the women expressed a desire to take Danny to his Stella’s father who lives in the United States. But the main contender for the guardianship of the boy was mom Baranovskaya Lidia. Gordon and Chekhov intervened in the custody case over son of Stella Baranovskaya