Son of the Duchess of Cambridge wrote in school under an unexpected name

Сына герцогини Кэмбриджской записали в школу под неожиданной фамилией
The heir to the throne will lose in a class all of his titles.

Prince George


The son of Prince William and his wife Catherine George, who
1-September this year went to the first class, will be the same student, as
any other. No exclusive relation to him to wait
should not be — assured the head of school Thomas’s Battersea,
where you will learn the young Prince.

As reported, having crossed the threshold of the school,
George at the time was deprived of all his titles. To him is strictly forbidden
to appeal as required by Protocol — “Your Royal Highness Prince
George”. From now on it will be called
just by the name and surname.

Speaking of names, as recorded in the Prince
the school magazine, at first glance looks quite unexpected: George Cambridge.
And this despite the fact that the ruling in Britain
dynasty, the heir of which is the young Prince, officially called does
not “Cambridge” and “Mountbatten-Windsor”. However, neither the father of George William, nor his uncle Harry wore
name nor in school, nor when served
in the army. They appeared in the lists, just as William and Harry Wales. Informal
the names of the princes was formed from the title of their father Charles, Prince of Wales.

Apparently, the decision was made that, on the one hand
to emphasize the unofficial William and Harry at school and the army, and on the other to help the princes
to adapt in their teams, to facilitate contact with classmates and colleagues.

And now with his son William and Duchess
Catherine decided to continue the same
tradition — he received the name, formed from the title of his father, whom
officially called the Duke of Cambridge. Reporters photographed Prince
school uniform, got the opportunity to see — in its portfolio flaunts the tag “George Cambridge”.