Son of Stanislav Govorukhin hid daughter

Сын Станислава Говорухина скрывал дочь “StarHit” found the name of the last love of Sergei Govorukhin. A few months before the sudden death of the Director in 2001, he gave birth to the child of writer Catherine Gorovoy, whom he met while working on the film “Earth people.

      Сын Станислава Говорухина скрывал дочь

      Five years ago, was not the only son of Stanislav Govorukhin, Sergey. Film Director and producer died unexpectedly at the age of 50 after a stroke. “StarHit” find out from whom Sergey in 2010 was born the illegitimate daughter and the monument, which he will establish in Kazan.

      The last 20 years, Sergey S. was happily married to third wife, editor of his films by Faith Tsarenko, who gave him a son, Basil. But in life, Govorukhin, Jr., was another love of her he was hiding from everyone. Few people knew that for 11 months before his death he had a daughter called Barbara.

      “The girl’s mother is writer Catherine Garoua – says “StarHit” a close friend of Sergei and Alla. Together they released not one project, Kate wrote the script for the latest film Govorukhin “Earth people” in his novel “Troubled continent”. Also they were both involved in the documentary picture “Stepped in immortality”, which was released for the 15th anniversary of the start of the Chechen war. Apparently, at some point between Katia and Sergei had a moment – was indeed love, and Dec 30, 2010, there appeared their daughter”.
      Сын Станислава Говорухина скрывал дочь

      Legal spouse of the Director found out about the illegitimate child almost immediately, but for a divorce to file did not. Now every child is 26-year-old Stanislaw first wife, 18-year-old Basil and 5-year-old Barbara – communicate with each other. That’s just the famous grandfather, Stanislav Govorukhin, still never seen his granddaughter. “To me it’s not likely believe that it is not necessary”, – admitted he was “StarHit”.

      A few months after the death on the grave of Sergei Rebrov at the troyekurovskoye cemetery in Moscow there was an obelisk made of stainless steel: such wanted Govorukhin, past three war – like put soldiers. But in Kazan, where the Director spent all his childhood and youth, still can’t honor his memory.

      “I have several years of raising money to install the monument, says “StarHit” the sculptor Elena Garshina. – On the bust of granite in dark gray must be about 830 thousand rubles, and at the moment there are only about 20 thousand, transferred to the concerned. In his workshop, I created a sculptural portrait of Sergei, took the pencil portrait I made back in 2005. We were friends for almost 10 years, met in 2001 in the sanatorium “Rus” in Ruza, where he is vacationing with his wife Vera and son Bob.”

      For financial assistance to the father of Sergei, the initiative group headed by Garcinol decided not to go. “The layout of the monument he saw, and approved, – Elena continues. – If there is a desire to assist, Stanislav let me know”.