Son of Philip Kirkorov is truly passionate about technology

Сын Филиппа Киркорова по-настоящему увлечен техникой Martin is well versed in the types and brands of machines. Philip Kirkorov said that his young heir impressive collection of cars.

      Сын Филиппа Киркорова по-настоящему увлечен техникой

      Philip, raising a daughter and son, as you know, doted in his heirs. The singer only recently started to bring children in light and gradually tell your fans about how to grow and what are fond of Martin and Alla-Victoria. Pop king is happy that his son is well versed in the technique, and a daughter, as befits a young lady – in dresses. “Martin we have just a car fan: knowledgeable in types and grades, loves to show me his toy collection in the garage – said Philipp Kirkorov. Alla-Victoria loves to draw and as a girl, of course, to dress up”.

      These days Philip together with his new and truly a great show “I” toured the cities of Russia. Little heirs to the stars son Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria was waiting for dad at home. And although Philip was supposed to take the children with her on tour so they could see how it works and is laid out on the stage of their father, and were proud of them, but later the contractor on these plans have refused. The kids have only attended the premiere show of the “I” in Moscow, where he created a furore. “Yeah, we wanted to take them to St. Petersburg, but I think it’s too much of a social life around them – confessed in a recent interview in the city on the Neva river Philip. – Although they love to go to concerts, but from childhood to accustom them to life as an artist I would not like”.

      So the kids temporarily live in separation from his beloved dad. But on weekends, the king of pop scene comes in the comfort of their little heirs of Alla-Victoria and Martin. “When we’re together, talk a lot, communicate on different themes. They ask the father about everything that is interesting to them, – said Philipp Kirkorov. They know when dad has a day off – it’s completely at their disposal”.

      It should be noted that fatherhood has changed the popular singer and his lifestyle. Philip Kirkorov has become less likely to appear at parties, he is no longer attracted to luxury social events, and prevails on them unbridled joy. But in an interview, Philip is increasingly talking not about himself, but about his little heirs and that all his dreams are exclusively associated with children. “I want that children grew up good people, have found their place in life, took place, – said Philipp Kirkorov in interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. The rest don’t have dreams and goals, over which I daily work”.


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