Son of Olga Kabo learned the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva

Сын Ольги Кабо выучил стихи Марины Цветаевой The star will take part in the literary-musical performance “I was looking for you…”. Olga started rehearsals back in 2012 when she was pregnant with Victor. From the very first days of life the boy listened to the lines of a famous poetess.
Сын Ольги Кабо выучил стихи Марины Цветаевой

October 8 marks the 125th birthday of Marina Tsvetaeva. September 22, in anticipation of that date, the singer Nina Shatskaya and actress Olga Kabo will play in Svetlanov hall, Moscow international House of Music, literary-musical performance “I was looking for you…” dedicated to the life and work of the poet. History built in the form of a dialogue Tsvetaeva’s daughter Ariadna Sergeevna Efron with his mother. On stage Olga reads memories and excerpts from diaries and letters of Ariadne, and from the lips of Nina’s sound songs and ballads to poems of Marina Ivanovna.

“To rehearse for our performance we began in 2012, – said Olga “StarHit”. At that time I was pregnant with my son Victor. Surprisingly, I felt like a baby in my tummy, listening to the mysterious line of Marina Ivanovna, kicking and turning in the rhythm of the verses. And when Vityusha was born, already so familiar to Tsvetayeva’s rhymes, he reacted in a special way. Before bed, I always sing son’s songs, and his favourite, which he often asks – “Children’s views”, the words Tsvetaeva, sounds in our performance”.

Children – is evening, evening on the couch
Through the window in the mist, sparkles lights,
Measuring the voice of the tale of Tsar Saltan,
About mermaids-sisters of the fairy seas.

Vityusha, falling asleep, said: “Mom, this is Tsvetaeva, and she wishes me good night.”

Сын Ольги Кабо выучил стихи Марины Цветаевой

Olga notes that the show is already 5 years old, but he still very relevant and adult audiences and young people: all who are not looking for entertainment in music and poetry, and who knows how emotionally spent.

“We had a poignant story of life, love and friendship of two talented women, mother and daughter tragically separated destiny. After the suicide of Marina Ala learned immediately, only returning from exile. And the rest of the days dedicated to work with the parent records. Thanks Ariadna Sergeevna heritage Tsvetaeva almost full reached us. Our performance is a Declaration of love daughter to mother,” Olga said.

One day after the show backstage to the performers approached the modest, intelligent woman, who has very warmly responded about their work and thanked Olga Nina for the delicacy with which they presented the history of tsvetaevs.

“It turned out that our interviewee, Margaret A. Meshchersky-Trukhacheva – grandniece of Marina Ivanovna, the granddaughter of her older sister Anastasia Ivanovna. She came from America specially to see the play, and after could not come…- says Olga.- Margaret A. told us that he was very close with her grandmother, who told her about the Marina… Here is Providence. Maybe this meeting Tsvetaeva herself blessed our play for long, creative path?..”.
Сын Ольги Кабо выучил стихи Марины Цветаевой

Music for performance was written by the young composer Dmitri Selivanov, very well-known in film circles, winner of the award “TEFI” for the music for a film about Brodsky. It was very interesting to work with such a wonderful professional. To work with Tsvetayeva’s poetry is very difficult, it line of music themselves, write music to her poems is a big responsibility. But I think Dmitri has been arguing with the author, to give the poet an even bigger sound.”

Director of the play, Julia Zhzhenov, the daughter of the great actor George Stepanovich Zhzhenov. “Yulia Georgievna unusually poems feels, loves and knows poetry, – says Olga. – She also has pedagogical talent, he can teach how to recite verses from the scene. Julia – my perfect teacher, which we are rehearsing and are working on each line, discuss the meaning and tone…”.

Costume designer Victoria sevryukova. Many years working with her and always admire how she is a few strokes can create a way to convey the character, to present time. So for our play Vita created the suits who tell the story of love, are in unison with the Actresses create a genuine atmosphere of the era”.