Son of Nikas Safronov blames herself for the fatal diagnosis mom

Сын Никаса Сафронова винит себя в смертельном диагнозе мамы The condition of seriously ill women has deteriorated considerably. Luka Zatravkin believes that the blame for the alleged healing herbs, which he at one time brought her. It was after the mother of a young man cut Tibetan medicine, she began to fade in his eyes.

      Сын Никаса Сафронова винит себя в смертельном диагнозе мамы

      The black strip in life of Nikas Safronov ends. In March of this year the artist’s son to death brought down the woman. A criminal case was transferred to the Central investigation Department in Moscow. This incident has seriously affected the condition of the heir of a famous artist. Luka Zatravkin admitted that he could not get used to the idea that a man was killed. The young man stated that he is unable to sleep at night, and can hardly ever forgive himself.

      Son of Nikas Safronov: “many times I wanted to end this life”

      It turned out that the Safronov family is going through another tragedy: his first civil wife Inna Zatravkin struggling with cancer, she got worse. By the way, that unfortunate evening, when Luke hit a woman, he was returning from a seriously ill mother.

      “It all started a few years ago, – told to “StarHit” 25-year-old Luka Zatravkin, the artist’s son. – Then I learned about the Tibetan medicinal herb, it supposedly rejuvenates the body and cures all diseases. My mom was the age she is over sixty, was very tired, I decided to help. Saved up money and bought her this wonderful grass, the course cost $2000. After a month get sick joints, bones. Thought due to fatigue. Nine months later repeated the course. The condition worsened, the mother could not move. The hospital put osteochondrosis, prescribed treatment… In 2014, Inna began to fade in his eyes.”

      Сын Никаса Сафронова винит себя в смертельном диагнозе мамы

      The son sounded the alarm, after examination, the doctors diagnosed cancer.

      “She was prescribed chemotherapy,” continues Luke, ” but because her body was washed out calcium, and bones become weak, and in December my mother has a broken spine. Now our life is a hellish pain, the sleepless nights, drips, mount a pricey medicine, four shots a week at 100 euros. And it all started because of the herbs, which causes mutation of cells. I learned that many celebrities, propyl this stuff, have earned cancer. Try to be with my mother, I replaced the nurse or friends. My father I don’t ask for treatment – they have long not together, and I handle myself financially. Although, I’m sure he’s going through”.

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