Сын Натальи Крачковской воссоединит родителей на одном кладбище

Almost six months ago actress Natalia Krachkovskaya. The favorite of the public died at 78 year of life due to health problems. The role of Madame Gritsatsuyeva buried on the alley of Troekurovskoe cemetery, near the graves of Valentina Tolkunova and Andrey Panin. That’s just the actress’s son this decision was not satisfied. According to media reports Vasily Krachkovsky decided to reunite parents and to rebury the remains of the father of Vladimir, who died in 1988. “Dad is buried at the Transfiguration cemetery. Want to now he was next to her mother,” explained the desire of the Basil.

VL only in fulfilling their desires son Krachkovskaya faced bureaucratic delays and even bans. The fact that distinguished people according to the government decision relies place up to 200 thousand rubles. Ordinary citizens can buy here hard – the cost, according to some, reaches two million rubles.

According to Vasily, he is not the first month fighting with the officials, but to achieve some adequate solution to it yet failed.


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