Son of Natalia Podolsky has passed the adult test

Сын Натальи Подольской прошел взрослое испытание
Little Artem had his first long flight.

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov, known for lovers of beautiful trips to different corners of the Earth, spent a memorable vacation in the Maldives. The musicians decided not to leave her 2-year-old son in Moscow with the grandparents or a sitter and took him along. To the joy of Natalia, which was afraid that the baby will take flight to the other end of the Earth, everything went great: no wonder star parents suspected that their son would become a professional traveler.

“We flew Qatar airlines with a convenient dock in Doha (3 hours) — said the singer. — Chose a flight with a connection, as our favorite domestic airline “jacked up” prices! The flight was at 23.55. The subject fell asleep, waiting for takeoff, he is always waiting with a special look/ the Flight lasted 4.20, about an hour before landing, the son woke up abruptly, probably remembering that we were flying, and looked out the window, happily announcing to all the sleeping passengers that he was “in samuileeee”. Transplant went with a Bang, too! Beautiful children’s room in the business lounge at Doha airport, we rounded out the night.”

Next flight also went well. It also lasted a little over 4 hours. This time Artemiy enjoyed the takeoff, and then fell asleep again at the first request of Natalia. She, by the way, this luck did not expect!

“Tired Topic only during the third seaplane, — said Natasha. — Instead of the promised 45 minutes, we were flying more hours. Subject, of course, “Padstow,” but to man up — not capricious and does not cry”.

The rest was just great — in the Maldives. While Muscovites are struggling with the snow and ice, star family enjoying the sun and ocean. Recently Presnyakov and Podolsky and son returned home, but the long road they are no longer scary.