Son of Michael Schumacher will continue his father’s work

Сын Михаэля Шумахера продолжит дело отца 18-year-old Mick made his debut in the race “Formula 3”. The heir of a famous athlete has already achieved the first success in the races. According to the young man, he was always proud of dad and took his example.

      The son of a famous racer Michael Schumacher, the 18-year-old Mick Schumacher made his debut in the race “Formula 3”. A young man came to finish eighth, but experts predict his successful future. According to media reports, a guy already interested in the top teams, “Formula 1”, as Ferrari and Mercedes.

      In conversations with journalists Mick has mentioned many times that takes a cue from his father, Michael Schumacher. On the state of the famous racer, the heir prefers not to extend.

      “Father was always a role model, for me he is the best. He is my idol, I strive to also become world champion. Now I can act on their own, but we’ll see how the future will develop. Participation in the race gives me pleasure, and I know how to assess the situation on the highway,” said Mick before one of the performances.

      Many foreign publications believe that the younger Schumacher has all chances to become as popular as his father. Besides, evil tongues say that the family of the sportsman took the money for his treatment, therefore, the heir began to participate actively in the race. As claimed by the tabloids, the relatives of seven-time champion was put up for sale collectable Ferrari FXX cost € 11.2 million.

      According to some reports, relatives of Michael give 140 thousand euros for the services of doctors in a week. Recall that in December 2014, Schumacher suffered a head injury while skiing in the French Alps resort of Meribel. Thanks to the helmet to protect his head, he was still alive. Doctors put him in an artificial coma and had two brain operations. At the moment seven-time champion “Formula 1” is not bedridden and can sit near the window in between treatments. As reported in the surroundings of Schumacher, he began to see relatives, but have lost the ability to speak due to atrophy of the muscles of the face.

      Many friends of the family Schumacher, as well as people who spoke to Mick and Michael, I believe that the young driver lacks the support of his father.

      “I saw Mick just driving the cart. He is in a difficult situation and feels very serious pressure, because his father was the most successful racer of “Formula 1″. What would Mick do, whatever mistake nor made, it immediately pay attention. It is not easy, but as long as he is fine with it. Now Miku is not enough of a father who could give important advice and just be there. Very sorry that Michael can’t maintain it,” said another young athlete from Red Bull Max Verstappen.