Son of Michael Bashkatova: “I Love to cook dinner for the whole family”

Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи» The child is told to “StarHit” about fighting with dad, and household responsibilities. Michael Bashkatova and his wife Catherine grow three heroes: 7-year-old Timothy and 5-year-old Theodore and one-year-old Stepan.
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»

We have been acquainted for several years, and after the first meeting, Tim left the most pleasant impression. He listened to his parents and watched his brother – fed, entertained, took the pen, now takes care of Steve. Who is responsible for what in their family and animals which children like, the son of the actor shared with “StarHit”.

The choice of intellectual

This year you became a first-grader. Not afraid to go to the range?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»So this is the school where I worked on the pre-frosh. So no fear not, because I almost know everyone here. We studied for a little while, but I can tell science to my liking. I especially love maths and music.—
And do you have a hobby?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»Yes, ‘ve been fond of robotics. Go in a circle, where we collect different designs of LEGO, and then automate – installed inside the special motors, sensors, programmable then. It turns out a robot that can move and even speak. Over the years I’ve made a lot of machines.
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»
All your crafts are exhibited in the Cabinet?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»No, from the study we did not carry out. So reliable. The house and the designers enough. Me and my middle brother Fedor like tinkering with LEGO, so two huge boxes with items take up enough space.

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“In my childhood the concept of “robot” associated with the mechanical crank is drawn from the cartoon “Well, pogodi!”. Then, robotics was limited to the fact that I took a simple toy with a motor, attached the battery and put in the work. Now, with the development of programming, it got serious. The choice of the son of approve – useful direction, intellectual”.—
Circuits probably scatter on the floor… Himself taking them down?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»Mom and dad taught us to order: played, collected, put into place. So anyway-after our games all add up.—
What other home work is done?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»Vacuuming, washing dishes and cooking, I love it. My signature dish – vegetable salad. Enjoy the process: choose products, wash them, cut, stirred, and then all try. No finger has not yet suffered, among other things.—
Fyodor is not you in this case?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»Is how. He also loves spending time in the kitchen to good use. In addition to cooking, we play war games. This is what we do particularly well and noisy. As props use the means available: sofa, cushion, helmets, tanks. Stepan to his squad is not yet ready – not Mature enough. With him I walk, or rather ride the stroller. He’s only a year or so down the street he goes.

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“If I have the time and opportunity to play with them. When the guys get tired to fight against each other and a desire to find a more powerful enemy appears dad.”
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»
Not a son but a godsend! You for anything at all to criticize?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»For begging… for Example, permission to watch the movie longer or to sit at the computer. Comments and grievances I react immediately – trying to quickly stop. Even if you really want.

A wild ride

Where the rest of the summer with the family?
Сын Михаила Башкатова: «Обожаю готовить ужин для всей семьи»We have had a wonderful summer! We all went to America for three weeks. Arrived in new York, studied it. Then dad took the rental car – caravan, and we got started in a way. From new York went to Miami. It was his lifelong dream! The first part of my vacation was in road trip and the second on the beaches of the Atlantic ocean in Miami, where they live friends of our family. I have a lot of experience.

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“From this visit, the children were so happy! Motorhome they absolutely love it. I’m not surprised by this reaction: finally, we got out and were side by side 24 hours – imagine how much I looked!”—
You never watched the draft with my dad’s part. And now?
Now regularly. First saw a few episodes of the series “Kitchen”, and then “Favorites” on the channel “Friday!” he looked whole. I liked it. Dad is a veterinary form, plus I like different animals: cats, dogs, monkeys… Fyodor here suggests that even fishes and crocodiles. Sorry, we have no Pets!